Friday, November 14, 2008

I Thank God...Day 14

I thank God for my CD player. It brings music to me that I would have had to be rich to enjoy just a few generations ago. I enjoy music so much. It calms me. It energizes me. It motivates me. It soothes me. It helps me to enter into worship. It helps me celebrate. It brings back memories. It fills a void when it just feels too quiet. Yes, contrary to popular belief and the normal activity and noise level in my house, it does occassionally seem too quiet.

I enjoy instrumental music the best. My favorites are hymns, Christmas music, hammered dulcimer, and worship music.

Think about the Christmas season. Wouldn't it be different without the familiar carols?

May God bless you this Thanksgiving Season. It brings our focus to the reason for the Christmas Season. Start now to think about new ways to show thanks and kindness to those whom God puts into your path and your life.

Enjoying the Season

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  1. Amen sister! I love the magic of song, the way it can take you back in time, great post!


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