Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Review: Knitting Knee-Highs Sock Styles from Classic to Contemporary by Barb Brown


 Knitting Knee-Highs
Sock Styles from
Classic to Contemporary

Barb Brown

   The old time skill of knitting handmade socks is growing in popularity.  Along with it, an unending array of new sock yarns, circular needles, tools, and books are filling the sock knitter's desire  need to create something handmade and one-of-a-kind.  I've seen a lot of sock books.  Knitting Knee-Highs is the first book that I've seen that is dedicated to this favorite sock style.

      Knitting Knee-Highs includes lots of detailed instructions, charts, and a great chapter explaining how to make your own plain vanilla knee-high pattern or adapt your favorite sock pattern to make knee-highs.  The fitting advice is thorough.  This book is jam packed with lovely artful photos.  Every knee-high, sock, anklet and legwarmer is shown in beautiful detail.  

   The beauty of the lace designs and the intricate color work designs make this book an excellent choice for confident knitters. These are sit down and concentrate socks. There are 18 patterns, each with at least one variation for regular socks, anklets, or legwarmers. Lots of choices for a plain vanilla girl! This one book could keep you busy through the end of the year.
   While Knitting Knee-Highs is not a book for sock beginners, I feel confident that with Mrs. Barns' instructions, plain vanilla girls can learn to knit colorwork and lace socks in first simple and later complex designs.  I think it's worth the $22.99 price.

*Excellent photos
*Friendly tone
*Clear instructions

Five Stars


  1. This was very interesting. I wish I had the talent to create my own socks. I love socks and buy all the holiday socks I can find!

  2. Thank you for linking up to Creative @ Home Wednesday! I hope you'll come back by and share with us again this Wednesday!

    Susan Godfrey


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