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Review: How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for Your Children


How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for Your Kids
by Rachael Carman
$13.00 from Apologia Press
Parent Resource
Call me shallow; but, I adore the way this book looks and feels.  It's so pretty, smooth, with just a touch of embossing.  The paper is sturdy and the printing large enough for my forty something eyes to read without glasses. ~smile~  It's altogether aesthetically pleasing.

My daughter saw the name of the book and thought it sad that parents had to be told how to have a heart for their children.  The acronym H.E.A.R.T. is used much like a preacher would use points that all begin with the letter M or that spell out a word such as love. 

Chapter 1: H — Have a Heart for the Things of God
Chapter 2: E — Enrich Your Marriage
Chapter 3: A — Accept Your Kids
Chapter 4: R — Release Them to God
Chapter 5: T — Teach Them the Truth
I found Mrs. Carman's style of writing to be very engaging.  I felt like I was sitting with a dear friend in her kitchen sipping tea and receiving some Titus 2 mentoring.  Her style is very personal; and, her examples are from real life. 

In the first chapter, Have a Heart for God, she impressed on me that it is crucial to make our first focus to build our own relationship with God.  She explains ways that God's heart is revealed in His Word, God's heart is revealed through prayer, and God's glory is revealed when we worship Him. 

In the second chapter, Enrich Your Marriage, she surprised me a bit.  It wasn't the same old obey your husband line that we hear over and over.  I know it's true; but, how oh how do we really do it?  She focused more on our need to serve and be a helpmeet to our husbands.  Yes, we serve them in many ways each day; but, she suggests that we ask them how they'd like to be served.  It might surprise us.  She also had suggestions for rekindling the closeness we felt when we were newly married.  How's it relate to our kids?  They're watching.  What they see is their normal.  Is this the normal we want them to have?

The third chapter, Accept Your Kids is about asking God who they are and how you can train them up in the way they can go.  It's about how to accept them, recognize sin in them and in yourself, and what to do about it.  It's also about showing them that you and God love them very much no matter what.

Chapter four, Release Them to God, was the hardest for me.  It's about trusting God enough to let Him take over when they come of age.  It's about not holding on too tightly.  It's about not saying things that will discourage them from doing what God's called them to do.  

Chapter five is Teach Them the Truth.  Truth is real.  God is real.  If we do not teach them this, they will have nothing to stand on.  We must help them to hide His truth in their hearts that they may not sin against God.

I already know that I'll be reading this book over again.  There's just too much good advice in this book to read it once. 

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I received this book from Apologia in exchange for an honest review as part of The Old Schoolhouse review program.


  1. Great review! Now that the first one is over, maybe you can relax and enjoy the year! So glad to have met you in real life!!

  2. Sounds like a great book, Laura! I wonder if it's available here in New Zealand??


  3. Great review! I really enjoyed this book too!

  4. What a wonderful summary of the chapters. Great review!

  5. Well done - great points for a parent guide book.



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