Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: WonderMaps Pick Your Features! Print Your Maps!

Bright Ideas Press

We love Wondermaps!

The makers of Mystery of History have done it again.  WonderMaps has filled a place in our homeschool that has been empty for a long time.  I have to confess; mapping skills have seemed boring and pointless to me in the past.  WonderMaps has made maps come alive in a wonder-ful way. 

To begin with, my kids and I took turns just exploring the software.  I thought it would take five minutes, then ten, then fifteen... you get the picture. They were having fun!

This is going to change history for us.  Pun intended.  The kids will get to use maps in their studies.  Sometimes I will have them use the program; sometimes I will print out maps for them.  I think that is one of the strengths of this program; you can choose how to use it.  That's an important key in any homeschooling or educational product.  Don't think this is just for homeschoolers, either.  This would be helpful to any student- even college.  I remember having to do maps in college, also.  This is a product that can be used in multiple grade levels because of its interactive properties.  You can add or remove features on the map to make it just what you need.  Can you tell that I'm excited about this product?  I need more than five stars!  Sometimes show and tell is better.  Have a look.

I like the historical maps, especially the ancient times maps.  These include many Biblical maps.  Many of the historical maps have modern overlays.  This will make it much easier for the children to understand the progression of historical boundaries.  There are so many great features.  Here's the map of Iraq and the surrounding area.  I had no idea just how mountainous the areas to the north and east were.  There were also only two major rivers- the Euphrates and the Tigris.  No wonder the photos we see of the region look so dry and barren.

These two maps are of the "Stans" as WonderMaps calls them.   One is black and white; one has the color overlay.  I include them so that you can see the two options.

From the Bright Ideas Press Website:
WonderMaps is designed with easy-to-use layers that allow you to enjoy great customizable features with just a click. Select:
  • historical or modern-day maps
  • outline, reference, political, or topographical maps
  • black-and-white or color maps
  • features including:  names, borders, rivers, cities, physical features, and graticules
WonderMaps includes:
  • 60+ maps of the world
  • 60+ maps of the USA
  • 125 historical maps, including 25 biblical maps
  • The complete map sets from The Mystery of History vols. I–III and All American History vols. I & II
Discover how much excitement maps and geography will add to your learning experience through the amazing features of WonderMaps.
Imagine—Maps Could Become Your Favorite Part of Teaching!

Retail Price: $49.95

Timberdoodle Price:  $44.95

I love Timberdoodle!  I have enjoyed their catalogs, products, and customer service for over ten years.  I highly recommend their company. 

You can find some great geography puzzles here.
For a free catalog, click here!

Legal Disclosure:
As a member of Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team I received a free copy of WonderMaps in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.

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