Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I've Been Toe Up To

Here's what I've been up to:

toe up two at a time socks.

I've just cast on in a lovely burgundy and white self-patterning yarn.
I used this video from youtube:

Now I'm doing increases as demonstrated on this video from youtube:

I'll be doing this for awhile.  When I get to 20 stitches on each sock (front side), I'll begin alternating with a knit row in between increase rows so that the toes will not look funny when they're done.

I'm reading:

It's full of meat and potatoes; so, it may take me awhile to finish it! ~smile~
May I suggest?


  1. Toe up socks are fun... I tend to forget that it is not the usual way to make them since that is the only way I make them LOL
    Looking forward to seeing them on the needles :)

  2. I'm attempting toe-up 2 at a time socks too. I'll have to check out those videos. Maybe for the next pair... (if I can finish these ones ;-)

  3. I prefer to crochet, but this looks like fun to knit!
    Jdkohines at gmail

  4. Rachel, I ended up pulling them out, I didn't like them.

    Kate, I've got to try again. Did you finish yours?

    Kaeli H., I think crochet is much easier for me. Your comment brought these videos to mind again. Maybe I'll start another pair.


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