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Molly Crew Review: Everyday Cooking



You've just brewed a fresh pot of tea and arranged a pretty china plate with sugar cookies when the doorbell rings.  It's Vicki Bentley, from Everyday Homemaking, and she's come to share her kitchen wisdom with you.  Door slams, daydream ends.  Well, Mrs. Bentley couldn't actually make it, but she's sent the next best thing, her book, Everyday Cooking.   Mrs. Bentley has raised eight daughters of her own, been foster mom to over fifty, and has homeschooled 17 children.  She knows about real cooking for real families. 

As you might have guessed from my introduction, the tone is friendly, as though she's writing out recipes for a friend.  She gives advice about everything from menu planning to setting up a buffet in a logical order.  Many of the recipes use sugar products that are less refined such as sucanat.  There are also recipes that use cream of..., cake mixes, pudding mixes, and such.

Chicken Enchiladas
These were delicious.  I did add green chiles because our family likes things a bit spicier. 

 Neiman Marcus $250 Cookies
These were a fancy oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips and lots of pecans.  They also call for a chocolate bar.  I didn't have one, so I skipped it.  They taste great, but they won't make it to our regular rotation because of the expense.  I made half a batch and had enough to put some dough balls in the freezer for the busy holiday season.
My 14 year old, Emily, made these.  I really liked them.  They were softer than the ones my husband usually makes.  They had a light texture.  We'll definitely be making these again.

What I liked:
>Most recipes were possible on a low to moderate food budget.
>A balance of healthy foods and comfort foods.
>I didn't think the recipes were "fussy" or used a lot of unusal ingredients.
>There was a lot of variety.
>Some emphasis on nutritious, whole foods.
>It was a cookbook with a lot of tips that would be helpful for new homemakers and homeschooling kids.
>Sample menus and blank menu planner.
>Meal planning and shopping hints.
>Her tips on using a pressure cooker made me want to dig mine out. ~smile~

What I didn't like: 
>I really like to see to see photos of the food.  There were very few photos, although there was a several for the bread tutorial.
>Some folks would probably prefer pdf form to reduce the bulk of their recipe books. It is a computer world these days. I'm just a 20th century gal.  I like paper! ~smile~

Conclusion:  Everyday Cooking is a good standard cookbook.  I recommend buying the 100 page, coil-bound glossy cover book for just $17.99, well worth the extra three dollars in my opinion

Vicki Bentley is the mother of eight daughters, foster mom of over fifty, and grandma to fifteen wonderful grandbabies (and another on the way!). Vicki has homeschooled 17 children alongside her husband Jim, and led a local support group of over 250 families for 14 years.Vicki has a heart for parents--especially moms--with strong practical wisdom and encouraging words.
I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
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  1. Loved the photos of your foods! I did not put so many in the recipe book to keep the cost down for the reader, but would it help to have the photos on the website, and let you know that in the book? In the pdf version, maybe we could link to the photos?

    Glad you liked the cookies -- since it just calls for "chopped nuts," we prefer walnuts (much cheaper than pecans, and we prefer the flavor).

    Thanks for your helpful review!

  2. I wrote back to Vicki to say, yes, I would be willing to click through to the website to see the photos.

  3. Love good cook books! so glad you shared!


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