Thursday, October 17, 2013

Busy Busy & Finding Emma Joy

Good afternoon ladies,
Emma Joy
I've been busy in the basement today.  I've been sorting through some old boxes and totes.  I've just about finished filling up a trash bag.  I also have a stack of things for hubby to go through.  Maybe a little bit at a time?

I just found out my oven is not working.  My son told me yesterday that he saw it spark.  Ugh, and right before the holidays.  Hmm... I guess new problems give us variety in our lives.  ~smile~

I've been busy with a writing project for Christmas.  I made a bit of progress yesterday.  I hope to spend a bit more time on it soon.  Christmas will be here before we know it.  Just a couple of months now.  I'm usually much further along in my preparations.  I'll have to get busy soon. ~smile~

I received a surprise e-mail today from Emma Joy.  I found her blog just yesterday.  She's a young woman who is passionate for God, and it shows in her writing.  I've won a giveaway for a watch.  Yay!

Her blog post, The Ultimate Rejection, really touched me.  We really must be bold in our faith and in sharing our faith.  I encourage you to take a look.  It's worth your time.

Here's what Emma Joy says about her blog:

Welcome to the Emma Joy blog! My prayer is that this will be a great resource for people to learn about God or grow in their walk with Him. "I am just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread!" I hope you will be blessed.

Autumn blessings,


  1. Laura what a lovely post as always. You sound very busy as usual, sorry about the oven, these things are sent to try us but hopefully you will be able to sort it out. You are so right Laura it won't be long before the festive period is upon us - I love the lead in to Christmas it is always so special. Hope you and your lovely family are all well and happy Laura. Sending you all big hugs

  2. Thank you, Dorothy. With my husband so busy, it may be a bit before we get the oven fixed. Oh well, we won't miss the cookie calories. ~smile~

    I'll pop by for a bit of a visit.

  3. Laura Lane,

    Thank you so very much for writing about my blog! That is so sweet!

    Can you believe Christmas is only about two months away? I remember when this year was just beginning!

    Let us seek to spend our time and talent for God's glory and to reach others for His Kingdom. The world is watching a Christian's every move to see whether their faith is genuine or if they will end up falling into the "hypocrite" category. We all fall...yet let us keep our guard up and be an example of Him to others!

    Have a sweet day, and again, thank you so much!

    Emma Joy

  4. You are so right Emma Joy, the world is watching. May we ever seek to represent our Savior in a favorable way.


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