Saturday, October 26, 2013

REVIEW: The Book of Sight by Deborah Dunlevy

A personal note of thanks to Mrs. Deborah Dunlevy who graciously and generously gave me this book in exchange for an honest review.  I thank you! 
 "In a plain house on a dull street in a nondescript neighborhood in a sleepy town near the mountains lived a girl named Alex."  Fourteen year old Alex is an average teenage girl beginning her summer vacation.  Dad's very preoccupied with work, Mom's no longer in the picture.   As Alex is contemplating the summer stretching out before her, a messenger delivers a package.  A book.  No ordinary book.  A book that will change her summer and change her future.

Opening the book, Alex sees nothing but gibberish.  Then, a language of sight appears.  It's not as though she is reading the book, but she's living the book.  Alex meets a number of other teens who have also received the book, and strange things begin to happen; or rather, they begin to see strange things.  Things which they think may have always been there but suddenly they can see but other people cannot.  As they try to figure out just what's going on and why they got the books, the books begin to disappear.  Now they have another mystery on their hands. 

"It's hard to read but it's good to read.  It's like The Book."  Emily, 16, after chapter 4.

"This is a confusing book, a deliciously confusing book!"   Mom, not telling my age, after a few chapters.

My kids did think that it moved a bit too slowly in the beginning of the book.  They didn't want me to stop reading though.  We just had to know what was going to happen next.  There was interest that grew as the chapters unfolded.  It was as though we were reading a whodunit, but we couldn't quite tell what it was that was done.  There was action, but the interaction between Alex, Eve, Dominic, Adam and Logan, with all their individual teenage temperaments, fears, and worries, was a major part of the book.  The teens have very different and distinct personalities.  The friendships they build within the group are key, because they can only read chapters two and on together.

Warning... You will want to read the second book as well.  The Book of Sight, while an adventure,  is a long introduction to the adventure to come.  It is not a stand alone book but the beginning of the series.  We did feel a bit let down at the lack of resolution that we expected, but we hope to read the second book, The Broken Circle to meet that need- soon!

Amazon's Sneak Peek *I am not an affiliate.  
Amazon is currently selling the paperback for $8.99 and the Kindle edition for $.99.  Of course, prices are subject to change.  Do check the price before purchasing.

Author: Deborah Dunlevy
Reading Level: Young Adult
Paperback: 278 pages
Publisher: Madison House Publishing; 1st edition (July 16, 2013)
ISBN-10 0984762434
ISBN-13 978-0984762439

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