Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage # 18

     Our life revolved around the restaurant this week.  We're doing school part-time this week and helping out at the restaurant during the middle of the day.  Next week, we should get some help in the kitchen from some culinary students.   That's an answer to prayer.  I was too busy to worry about being very thrifty, but here are the things that I did.

~  I made some delicious Watchagot bread.  Never heard of it?  You make it with what you've got!  This batch had some freshly ground hard wheat, freshly ground barley, leftover oatmeal from breakfast, a little white flour, gluten, sugar, water, canola oil, salt, flax seed and yeast.  It was so delicious!  I have often mixed together whatever flours I have on hand with water, oil, salt, and yeast to make bread.  It's fun to experiment.  This weekend, I just wanted to play around a bit since life has been so serious lately.  Be nice to yourself, do something fun this week!

~  I tore up my husband's ripped t-shirt for shop rags for my son.

~  I planned my Easter dinner around items on hand rather than buying the twenty dollar roast I wanted.

~  Instead of Easter candy, baskets, new clothes etc., I bought a bag of Robin's Eggs, a box of Peeps for each of the kids, a single chocolate cream egg for my husband, and three bright pool noodles for the kids.

~  I wore a new dress that my friend bought for me.  It was my first new store bought dress in years.  I usually make my dresses.

~  We ate leftovers from the restaurant, so I didn't cook at home.  Meals at home were peanut butter and jelly, oatmeal, and fried eggs.

~  I didn't buy anything that I didn't really need.  Well, ehem, nothing I didn't really need but a bag of marshmallows for cocoa.  Comfort food for exhausted family.  Gentle smile.

     I'd appreciate your prayers for our family as we adjust our schedules to include my work at the restaurant.  I feel quite overwhelmed.  It's been over twenty years since I worked outside the home. Homeschooling, homemaking, blogging, reviewing, and all the things a wife and mom does keep me quite busy.  Carving out time for the restaurant is really throwing me for a loop.  The kids are feeling it, too.  I know God will help me get it all in balance.  ~smile~

Choosing to Keep on the Sunny Side,

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  1. Wow... Laura :-)
    You will get through it.
    Try to focus on what is
    important. Blessings :-)

  2. praying about the weather there this weekend, lifting you up personally, hang in there!

  3. Thank you, Annie. I do appreciate your prayers.

  4. Hi Kath,

    My work load has expanded dramatically. I will have to find new ways to cope. ;)


  5. Hi Laura,
    Be encouraged my friend...God is right there. Thanks so much for following my blog.

  6. I return to work after three weeks off and I know God always provide the energy I need . I am posting about this tomorrow :))

  7. Attitude is so important Laura and you have a great one! You will be in my prayers and the good Lord will get you through! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Thank you for sharing your Thrifty living at the HomeAcre Hop.

  9. I so wish it were always great, Jann. Sometimes I can be Eeyore. ~smile~


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