Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Diet for a Penny?

Our little Penny thinks Crocus are yummy!
Penny's 11 months old this month. It seems like she's lived with us for ages, yet it's only been nine months. She sure has turned our household upside down at times. Our previous dog, Josh, was 15 when he died. We'd forgotten how much activity and trouble a puppy can bring. She's finally calming down a bit, and we're learning to live together peacefully. Spring brought softer dirt to dig in. That made Penny happy. Just try to stop this little Doxie mix! She doesn't want to leave my mums alone either! I hope you're enjoying early signs of Spring. Before you know it, it will be Holy Week! 
Happy week ending!


  1. Awe. Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  2. Ruger turns 2 on the 3rd, it went by so fast!!! I kinda miss the puppy but he's a keeper! :)

  3. I lost my Abigail at the age of 10 to pancreatic lymphoma in Feb. In March I was given the opportunity to get a rescue Brittany -- she'll be 5 in July. She's still a handful and high energy.


  4. Oh my! My neighbor had a Brittany. Energy galore! God bless you Debi!


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