Monday, May 30, 2016

Find the Key to Your Son's Heart with MOTHER & SON by Emerson Eggerich, Ph.D.

From the time our boys are little, we just want to hold them and cuddle them and keep them safe. They want to squirm and run around and do daring and dangerous things. We want to teach them to be kind and good and polite. They want to be rough and strong and courageous.

Mother & Son by Emerson Eggerichs, PhD. addresses a subject that I've never read about in twenty-six years of reading books about parenting. Mother & Son takes the principles of Love & Respect and applies it to mothers and sons rather than husbands and wives. It addresses the very key differences in what Emerson calls mom's love-talk and son's respect-talk. 

Boys and men have a deep need to feel respected from the time they are very young. Respect, honor, and integrity go together to help our young boys become young men and then adult men. We ladies just don't get it. We want to love them. They need to feel valued, like a hero, strong, courageous, appreciated—respected. Respect is the key to their hearts.

Women interpret things through pink hearing aids and speak through pink megaphones. We don't naturally connect and communicate well with men (boys) who filter things through their blue hearing aids and speak through blue megaphones. Sometimes we just don't get each other. Mother & Son gives a detailed explanation of what's going on and how to speak the blue language of respect. 

When women give respect to their husbands and sons, their husbands and sons respond in love.
When women give disrespect to their husbands and sons, they males react in an unloving way. When we keep acting disrespectful and unloving, it's the crazy cycle. There is hope. 

Reading this book has helped me understand my  boys  young men better. This is a book that I need to study, learn, and implement in my life. I am the mother of two sons, 25 and 16. While I didn't intend to be disrespectful to them during their growing up years, I know that I was at times. I want to build my relationship with all my Lane men. The best way to do that is to learn to speak blue respect talk. With God's help and studying this book, I hope to do that.
Dr. Eggerich with his wife Sarah

There are some great videos on this page that will help you with your relationship with your son(s).

Read more about Love & Respect.

I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review.

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