Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Experiencing GOD Through HIS NAMES

What's one of the first things we asked each other as children? My name is Laura. What's your name? Forgetting someone's name can be unnerving and distracting when we are speaking to someone—be it a new acquaintance, someone we've not seen for awhile, or even your best friend. Yes. I've had those days. ~smile~ I'll bet you have, too.

Most of us know God as just God the father and God the creator. So much more can be revealed by learning the names God calls himself. Sheryl Giesbrecht has written a clear, concise devotional that brings revelation of the nature of God by explaining the meanings of many of His name.

Knowing how God describes Himself leads to a better understanding of Who He is to us. Each daily entry can be read in a few minutes. There is an illustration, a Biblical explanation, and a prayer for each name. This is a thin volume that speaks volumes. It would be best meditated on and prayed through. I want to memorize the names.

This would make a nice gift.

Experiencing God Through His Names

by Sheryl Giesbrecht  

Spiritual Growth

Did you know the names of God each reveal something about His character? 

Are you aware that understanding God's titles reveals His purposes and His commitment to us and gives practical handles for life applications? 

There are many ways to draw close to God as we study His word. In Experiencing God Through His Names, Sheryl Giesbrecht walks with you on an exciting journey to discover and absorb the truth about God's character. Spiritually, something exciting and personal happens when we study God's names---we find out about His unique character qualities and experience His Holy Spirit presence.
In the next 31 days, God wants you to get to know Him. Are you ready?

 Meet the Author

Sheryl Giesbrecht has written three books, hundreds of articles, blogs, and columns. A nationally syndicated radio host, Sheryl is a sought-after inspirational speaker who facilitates leadership training for thousands internationally

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  1. I got one of these books on my Kindle and I really enjoyed it. This looks like a great title to learn about God. Thanks for offering!

  2. Hello Laura,

    I've just began a new Bible study, "The Names of God" by Ann Spangler. I've only begun Chapter 1, but am excited about it.



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