Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug! A Cuddle Up, Give Me a Hug, Share a Giggle Book

I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug! is absolutely adorable! My 15 and 19 year old girls piled on the bed with papa and I one night, and papa read it to us. What a treat! I miss the days of littles piling on my bed to listen to bedtime stories. 

When my children were little, we developed a number of ways to give kisses—chipmunk kisses, butterfly kisses, bunny kisses, fishy kisses, raccoon kisses and such. This book of creative hugs brought back the memories for this momma.

It will be quite some time yet before my teens are ready to marry and give me grandlittles, but I'm saving this book. It's one that I think will help any young family enjoy making memories together. I imagine a whole lot of hugging and giggling and maybe a little tickling going on. ~smile~

From the Publisher:

I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug!, written by bestselling author Caroline B. Cooney, is a playful and comforting bedtime book that imagines all the wonderful ways a child might give and receive a hug.

Whether it’s a big bear, gasp for air, knock over a chair hug or a wet and drippy, slimy, slippy fish hug, children will giggle their way through all the imaginative examples. Cooney’s sweet and simple rhymes encourage playful interaction between parent and child and ultimately help them wind down before they snuggle into bed and drift off to sleep.
Caroline wanted to share an adorable bedtime poem that she used to recite to her own now grown kids before bedtime. This sweet bedtime book follows an adorable little boy as he tells his mama all about the different types of animal hugs he will give her before bed. 
Caroline B. Cooney was born in New York, grew up in Connecticut, and now lives in South Carolina. Caroline is the author of 90 Young Adult novels in many genres, and her books have sold over fifteen million copies. I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug is her first picture book. It’s based on a verse she wrote for her own children, Louisa, Sayre and Harold, who are grown now.
Tim Warnes has been illustrating children's books for twenty years. He lives in Dorset, England, with his wife, children's illustrator Jane Chapman, and their two sons. When he's not drawing little critters, Tim loves to write, watch birds and play his banjo.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample of this product for review purposes only. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own based on my experience with this product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."


  1. Bedtime stories are a part of our nightly routine with the boys. This sounds like such a fun and sweet book! I'm sure my boys would love it.

  2. Would love to read this to my grandson! Happy New Year!

  3. Oh boy do I miss those days of a snuggle and a book! This giveaway will create a special moment for a child!

  4. Thank You Laura for offering us all a chance to win what looks to be a fabulous book!

  5. Oh I think I need this book! I'm sure my grandboys would love it!

  6. Sounds like such a sweet book! I miss those days when our dear boy was little, too. :( So thankful he is still as "little" as he is and still home with us!

    1. Yes. Your son seems very sweet from your descriptions. His heart seems tender. That's important.

  7. What an adorable book, and I just happen to be in the market for a couple of children's books just now. I love your word "grandlittles"!

  8. What's not to love about a big bear hug? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Our five children are 25 to 37 so now we have the privilege of being grandparents. They love to find a new book at our house when they visit!

    1. Oh Lana, I look forward to that! I'm pleased to meet you. If you leave me your email, I can respond to your comments directly. lauraofharvestlane at gmail dot com.

  10. Aww I miss the days of story times in bed too! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop :)

  11. I have been looking for three books for three little sisters for Valentine's Day and will get this one, whether I win or not; I'll then be down to needling one more! If the inside pics are anything like the front cover, it will be so colorful and enchanting!

  12. We are adopting our niece. We get to love storytime...again!


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