Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coping with the Heat

Warm weather's coming and hot weather will be close on its heals.  Here are some ideas for coping with the heat.

1.  Take a cold shower before bed.
2.  Use a rice or corn sack that has been in the freezer when you go to bed.  It should stay cold long enough for you to fall asleep.
4.  Drink lots of water.
5.  Take another cold shower.
6.  Go someplace with air conditioning during the heat of the day if possible.
7.  Pray for rain and a cold front!

May I suggest...


  1. I hear ya!! Already looking forward to fall, this is nuts!! lol

  2. What were you doing up at 1 in the morning?!

    Greg and I used to go and walk around the mall when we had really little ones just to be in the air and it didn't cost anything which was good because we didn't have anything. ;)

  3. Are you guys still without air or do you have it in one room?

  4. Good tips. We've been doing without air for the last 20+ years. This is about as bad as it has been during that time. If we had A/C, I'd be really tempted to turn it on. Here are some more tips.

    Don't use the stove or oven. We've been cooking on the grill or in the roaster oven. We even baked bread in the grill. It turned out better than the bread we baked in the roaster oven.

    Get in the garden early and late.

    Close all your windows by 7:30 AM at the latest 8. You want to get them closed before the temps start rising. It really makes a difference to the temp inside the house. If you go outside for a little bit, it will actually feel cool inside.

    We have a pool that the kids can jump in to cool off. It isn't big, but it works.

    Lots of water, means about two gallons per day per adult. Kids will drink about 1 1/2.

    I'm praying for rain. My pastures are brown and we are feeding the livestock hay. :(

  5. I used the same image last year LOL
    We're dying up here in Montreal
    ( Canada ) it was 105 yesterday with the humidity - we just bought a fixer upper with no air conditioning so I was in the pool last night at midnight! And then had a cold shower because by the time I walked upstairs to go to bed I was dripping again....this is unbelievable ( and I don't want to complain because winter seemed to never end this year !!! ) ok - off to take a shower lol - stay cool !
    Visting from Fluster buster!
    Hugs ( sweaty ones - gross )

  6. I don't do hot well - I am best on ice! LOL - your tips made me remember growing up in my grandmother's house:)

  7. I'm about to take a cold shower. It is so hot!
    Thanks for the tips.
    I have been doing any baking I need to do before the says it will get hot. Today I made banana muffins (shorter bake time than banana bread) before 8 in the morning with the windows open (which worked because it was still below 80). Then I closed everything up once it had cooled and enjoyed my banana muffins all day.

  8. Hi Julie,
    Sounds like a good way to get baking done, Julie. I've been trying not to bake the last couple of weeks. It's actually cool here for June only the 80's. We live in SW Missouri.

  9. Been there, done that! lol :P Great post! <3

  10. Thanks, Harp. I'm coming for a visit.

  11. When we were without central air for a few years, we invested in a window air conditioner for the bedroom for about a hundred bucks. It was so wonderful.

  12. Since I wrote this, we've been able to add window air, too. Awesome!

  13. Thanks for these cooling off tips. Heaven knows I need them!

  14. Great tips Laura! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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