Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Plain and Simple Christmas by Amy Clipston

Okay okay okay!
I'm hopelessly addicted to Christmas year round!
Christmas music...Christmas gift making...Christmas stories...
and of course
Jesus Christ himself. 
It's August and time to start thinking of Christmas publicly.  ~grin~
And so, here is my first Christmas book review. 


Synopsis from Zondervan: 
"In A Plain and Simple Christmas, from the author of the widely popular Kauffman Amish Bakery Series, shunned Anna Mae doesn’t receive the welcome she expects when she pays a visit for Christmas and her world begins to fall apart, leaving her to question her place in her family – and her faith in Amish tradition."

My take on it....

Amy Clipston, author of the Kaurffman Amish Bakery series, has baked up a delicious confection in A Plain and Simple Christmas.  It is a tale of love, heartache, discernment, deceit, and hope for a Christmas miracle.

The characters are alive and real.  The emotions are raw and at times unchecked.  Anna Mae, a young Amish woman who left the faith to marry an Englisher, longs to be reunited to her family in Paradise.  Her mother, Mary Rose, aches for her youngest daughter in the deep way only a mother can ache.  Both seek Father God in prayer.  Kathryn, Anna Mae's sister-in-law, longs also to see the family reunited.  Will God answer her prayer for confirmation?

What about the men?  Kellan, Anna Mae's husband, fulfills Anna Mae's desire to visit her family; but, how committed to reconciliation is he?  Henry, Anna Mae's father, bishop of the district, has shunned his daughter for leaving the family, the faith, and him.  What can soften his hardened heart?  Will Anna Mae's brother, David, find it in his heart to forgive? 
Is anything to hard for God?

Enter into this world of blizzards, chocolate cake, and Christmas miracles.  It's a cool way to enjoy some warm hours...
even on a hot day.

Five stars.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will seek out more of Amy Clipston's books.

* I received this book  from Zondervan for free in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I wish I had time to read books, this one looks like it would make a good movie!

  2. Wow! What a pleasure to hear from the author. God bless you Amy!



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