Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: Always Icecream


What is the absolute favorite free time activity for Amy, 10, right now?
Always Ice cream, of course.
From Amy:  "It is fun, cool, wonderful,  GREAT!"

Amy has had a terrific time "testing" this product for me.  If she had her choice, she'd play Always Ice Cream every day.  I don't mind her playing, either, within limits of course.  She has learned some unexpected lessons from this experience.   In the beginning, she spent all her scoops (credits) for eggs which would hatch into little animals in Pet World.  Soon she had a lot of little animals to care for.  They needed love, food, and attention.  She could give give a cuddle for free; but, she had to buy food and fun activities for them to keep them feeling fine.  That means she has to earn a lot of scoops!  She's learning a bit of responsibility in a fun little girl way. 

Here's a screen shot from pet world.

So, how does she earn scoops?  She watches videos, takes little quizes, sells things in miniworld, sells things in her shop, plays spin to win, and plays typing games.  I can also award her scoops for good behavior, doing chores, finishing her schoolwork on time or whatever I want to hold a carrot out to her to do. 

This product is for girls from about 7-12 years old.  It's not unusual to find all three of my children watching a video or talking about her newest pet.  In fact, yesterday everyone was watching the video about how to repair a bicycle tire. ggI cannot tell you how many times I've found My son, Michael, looking over her shoulder as she played.   The games are just that fun. 

Go take a look around at the site.  There's a girl's area and a parent's area.  The parent's area lets you keep an eye on what your girl's been doing and lets you modify the content to which your child has access.  You can allow friendships and interaction with other girls or turn off that function.  All interaction between girls is moderated.
This is copied from the parent summary page: 
Your Daughter's Recent Learning Progress
During the last 90 days, Amy made progress in the following learning games:
  • State Shapes Quiz from level 1 to 6, earning a Bronze Medal
  • Classical Music Quiz from level 3 to 23, earning a Gold Medal
  • Bible Quiz from level 1 to 3, earning a Bronze Medal
  • Dog Breeds Quiz from level 1 to 5, earning a Silver Medal
  • States of the USA from level 1 to 9, earning a Bronze Medal
  • Basic Anatomy from level 1 to 4
  • Musical Instruments Quiz from level 1 to 3, earning a Bronze Medal
  • Typing for Beginners from level 1 to 3
Moderated Communication
In the last 90 days, Amy received a message from, or wrote a message to Bethany.
Educational Videos Watched
During the last three months Amy watched the following videos:
  • Math Made Easy: Probability
  • School House Rock - Conjunction Junction
  • How to make stuffed crust pizza
  • How to Draw a Cartoon Cat
  • Sing Along - Wakko's 50 State Capitols
  • Sid the Science Kid: The Journey of a Germ
  • Pool Safely Educational Video
  • Polar Bear Moms and Cubs
  • Nations Of The World Song
  • Baking: Decorate Jungle Birthday Cupcakes
  • Learn Basic Computer Skills: How to Burn a CD in Microsoft Windows
  • SUPER WHY! Princess Presto's "off" game
  • How strong is a strand of hair?
  • How to Repair a Flat Bicycle Tire
  • Artwork Created
She created the following artwork:
  • 5 art piece(s)
  • 4 piece(s) of furniture for her house
Always Ice Cream

I received this product in exchange for an honest review as part of TOS Crew.

May I suggest?
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