Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Review: Raising Real Men

If only I'd known... boys really will be boys... they have to be. How else will they become men? I have learned so much reading this book. It's really okay for Michael to play rough. It's really okay to be fascinated with guns and hunting and fishing and other icky stuff.  I thought I was doing great as a boy
mom.  I could handle the snakes and lizards and toads and frogs... in their happy hands in the house! But, so much of the boy stuff just seemed so so so unkind and harsh. Wrestling, fighting, bossing his sisters and me, I just cringed. Now I realize that these behaviors are not only normal, they are good for boys when channeled properly.  So many of the things that my boys have done that have iritated me aren't just annoying habits, they're normal boy habits. Boys think differently, learn differently, act differently than their sisters and mother. They are not being bad or suffering from attention deficit disorder. It's just how their bodies are wired. They are wired for movement, action, focus. Girls are wired to be relational. Boys are about action. Girls are about feeling.

So, what good is all this? First of all, I feel better about my boys. Second, Hal and Melanie Young have given me a lot of practical advice on how I can not only understand and tolerate (smile) my sons, but how I can help them to become godly men.  Topics covered include helping your son find good heroes, adventure and recklessness, responsibility, weapons and violence, leadership and obedience, competition, doing real things, teaching them diligently, handling money, teaching your boys, manners, work roles, love and war, becoming a man, and many other related topics.  This is the best book about raising sons that I have ever read.  Many books come and go in my house.  This one is here to stay for a long long time... at least until both my boys are men.
Hal & Melanie Young


 List Price:  $15.00

I received this book from Timberdoodle in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I'm so glad our book was a blessing to you, Laura! Let me invite you and your readers to join us on Facebook at and check out our blog at

    Thanks for such a great review!

    Melanie Young


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