Friday, April 13, 2012

Review: Write with WORLD

Write with World is a brand new writing program from the creators of World Magazine and God's World News.  It is a two-year curriculum designed for use in grades 6-9.  It is also excellent for older students who have limited writing experience. 

Write with WORLD exposes students to:

  • reading and critical thinking that develop discernment
  • contemporary subjects and professional guidance to pique interest
  • flexible exercises to build confidence and skill for using today's new media
  • a thoughtful and meaningful Christian worldview
Write With WORLD , Full Curriculum Year ONE
Click here to read the WORLD Magazine article about this new approach.

Let me tell you, there's some excitement in our house over this one. I haven't had to tell my 14 year old to do her writing at all.  She's happy to do it. I grant you, she likes to write; but, she is really enjoying this. Emily is using this product independently. That's a big plus for this busy homeschool momma. It's set up in a kid-friendly manner. The text is easy to read and understand. She spends ten to fifteen minutes doing one capsule or section a day. She told me that it is helpful in making her sentences more engaging for the reader. Emily thinks that the age range should be about 12 to 15 years old. 
My son, 12, will begin this curriculum next year.  I anticipate being much more hands-on with him.  At that time, I will no doubt be using the teacher's edition in more depth.  The teacher's text is a wider book that includes the exact student text. The introduction explains the objectives and how to evaluate. Teaching helps are included throughout the book alongside the student's text.   Michael is very excited; because, he has been reading the World Magazine (yes, the adult version) for a couple of years now.  I am hopeful that this curriculum will be the one that changes his mind about writing  and fully engages him. 
I encourage you to take some time, click the links and discover Write with World for yourself.
Introduction to Teacher's Edition
Sample Lesson

Write with World includes the student text, teacher text, and access to the user website that will go live in September. The website will include and online publishing opportunity for student writesrs, as well as additional writing subjects to constantly freshen and augment what is in the textbooks.

$95 for the full curriculum year one
$95 for the full curriculum year two
$165 for both together
Available for shipment this summer
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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. 

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