Thursday, May 17, 2012

Review: CapJaxMathFax

My family can tell you that I'm techologically impaired, delayed or whatever the current politically correct term for stuck in the nineties is right now.  ~grin~  Still, I recognize the value of using some technology, like computers, for education.  Why am I telling you this?  I received a computer download of CapJaxMathFax to review for the TOS review crew.  The only trouble- I couldn't download it.  I asked hubby and my crew leader for help.  I still couldn't get it to work.  Then, I thought, why not e-mail Captain Jack?  At the last moment, I added my phone number to the e-mail.  Ten minutes later, yes, ten minutes later, a very patient and friendly Captain Jack was on the phone walking me through the download steps.  Wow!  Imagine that!  Super customer service!  It seems the problem was with my Norton Anti-Virus program.  Norton isn't very familiar with CapJaxMathFax yet; so, until lots of folks download it, Norton will be fussy.  Captain Jack explained how to temporarily disable Norton just long enough to download the program.  Thanks Captain Jack!

After getting it all set up, it was easy.  My kids just click the icon on the bottom of our computer screen.  The program pops up and off they go.  My son thought the graphics weren't great.  The graphics were kind of fuzzy.  But, my daughter told him, "It doesn't have to be amazing."

I liked that there are a couple of modes to play in.  One is a practice mode.  You choose multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, or a combination.  Then you simply work as fast as you can through the facts.  The goal, super, is 3 seconds per fact. 

After the child gets that down, they move on to the Play for Rating.  Everyone starts at the easiest level and builds speed and accuracy.  When they get a rating of 100% super, they advance to the next level.  Captain Jack told me that the fastest way to advance the student's skills is to Play for Rating.

Another feature I really liked is that there is a keyboarding practice setting.  It is a great way to get quick with ten-key number skills. 

I really like this program.  My children will continue to use it to build speed in their keyboarding and in their math facts.  It can make a difference in just minutes a day.  The challenge makes it fun.


Prices start at $29.95 for the download.
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Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for an honest review as part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew.

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