Friday, July 13, 2012

TOS Review: Christian Keyboarding by Leanne Beitel


In a time of on-line computer typing games, Keyboarding for the Christian School offers a sensible, no-nonsense option for learning keyboarding (previously known to us moms as typing).  The first 29 lessons help students to learn where the letter, number, and symbol keys are and help students to grow familiar with the keyboard.  It provides practice lessons which could theoretically be repeated until proficiency was acquired.

Starting with lesson 30, techniques for setting up cover pages, MLA and APA reports, centering, works cited, bibliography, business letters, envelopes, among other things are taught.  This is what I find to be very helpful for my family.

My Thoughts:
The book progresses through necessary keyboarding skills in a logigal sequence.  Honestly, I didn't like printing out the lessons to be typed; however, printed options are available through the company. 

It was plain Jane, no bells or whistles.  Emily, 14, already knew the basics of typing.  She is using this to brush up her skills.  I don't have anyone to try this with who is new to typing altogether.  She wasn't excited about using it; but, there was no resistance.  It was required, she did it, no real comments either way from her. 

I did really appreciate the help with setting up reports, letters, and things like that.  It's nice to have everything together in one place. 

I highly recommend that you look at her freebies section which has some sample lessons prior to making a decision.  I am pretty neutral about this product.  If you like plain vanilla, you'll probably like this.  If you're a chunky chocolate chip with brownie bits type, you'll probably find this too plain for you.

Christian Keyboarding Freebies

Available from Christian Keyboarding
Intended for grades 6 and up.
$15.95 E-book


20 percent off code for Harvest Lane Cottage readers: SUMMER2012
Expiration: 8-29-12
I received this product at no charge to me in exchange for an honest review as part of the Homeschool Crew.


  1. Laura,

    This is the first I've heard of this one, but will keep it in mind when Luke's time comes around. I love Kids Typing Instructor & Typing Instructor though and have had success with it in teaching Luke, Joy & even my dad! :)

    Thanks for the review! Have a great weekend!


  2. Laura,

    I appreciate you taking the time to review Christian Keyboarding products. The e-books were designed to teach touch typing versus a game format to keep students accountable and focused on learning proper technique.

    There is a plan in the works for a more interactive version online for the books. I have a programmer who is working on this and should have it ready within a year.

    I look forward to your thoughts and comments!


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