Sunday, July 22, 2012

TOS REVIEW: Knowledge Quest TimeMaps History Resource


What makes this product different from others?  It's a topically based curricula that makes extensive use of timelines and historic maps and embedded notes to explain the facts and questions to ensure comprehension.  From their website:

"The goal of TimeMaps is to communicate history in a truly engaging way. To do this, we use a combination of timelines, historical maps and encyclopedic entries merged together to deliver authoritative content that can be digested in an enjoyable way. TimeMaps are computer software files that use Flash - a free program from Adobe. Maps are shown in chronological order at the click of a button and progress at your timing, showing how civilizations, countries and continents have changed over time. Quizzes and encyclopedic entries are included and can be turned on and off at your discretion. TimeMaps are a work in progress with many Ancient and Medieval civilizations having reached completion with more historical topics on the way."
Maps That Move Through Time

This video shows what the screens look like.

TimeMap: The Collection
The collection starts at $44.95. 
It includes the following TimeMaps which may be ordered individually or in bundles:
TimeMap: Ancient China
TimeMap: Rise of Rome
TimeMap: Fall of Rome
TimeMap: Rise of Islam
TimeMap: The Black Death
TimeMap: European Exploration
TimeMap: Atlantic Slave Trade
Time Maps start at $9.95.
Ancient and Medieval Bundles are available starting at $24.00.

My thoughts:

I am absolutely not tech savy. In fact, I would call myself technologically impaired. After downloading, I found this to be an easy to navigate product.  I received the collection to review.  Honestly, there was so much information, it will take more than a few weeks to cover it all.  It includes a timeline atlas that covers 3500 B.C. up to 2005 A.D.! 

My 12 year old son, Michael, is a big history lover.  I let him decide which period of history he wanted to cover.  He chose the TimeMap: Fall of Rome.  He's already familiar with the Rise of Rome.  It's so easy to use, I just turned him loose and told him to read and study it for 30 minutes a day.  He just clicked start and began his learning journey, clicking on various items on the pages and answering the questions.

There are teacher notes and activities that can be given as assignments as well as printable maps.  This is a great supplemental product.  The company offers free curriculum integration guides to show how to use their products with popular history spine books and curriculum.  This is something I plan to use as I plan my new school year. 

 I definitely recommend that you investigate Knowledge Quest Time Maps.  Their products and their website contain a wealth of information for students and teachers of history.

I received this product at no charge to me in exchange for an honest review as part of the Homeschool Crew.  


  1. I've seen this and wondered about it before. We use Sonlight. Is it something that could be used to supplement or does it stand alone? I don't want something to add alot of time but it looks neat.

    Thanks for the review. I enjoy your reviews!


  2. The company offers this free guide on their website.

    Sonlight is mentioned in the use of Map Trek. I have not seen Map Trek myself.

    I used Sonlight myself a few years ago. I'm a bit eclectic now.

    I think that it could be helpful, especially with World History. You can use it as much or as little as you like. It can stand alone; but, you probably would want something more for a yearly curricula.

    It would be a good extra credit project or just investigate it yourself project.

    Does that help?


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