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Review: Time for Writing's High School Essay Writing


Time 4 Writing's High School Essay & College PrepWriting course  is taught by a certified teacher on-line.  Daily assignments are given, turned in on-line, checked by the teacher, then the students rewrite or receive a grade.  Writing courses are available at all skill levels from elementary through high school.  Extensive teaching and extensive resources are available on-line.  Students have 8 weeks to complete each course.  Some extra days are included to allow for flexibilty. 
Emily, 14, has had some trouble with understanding some of the assignments.  I  have been able to help her most of the time.  I encourage her to contact her teacher if I can't help her.  The responses from the teacher have been prompt.  After understanding what is required, Emily has done quite well with the assignments.  For us, this was a course that required me to help Emily.  Perhaps if she had done the previous courses she would have been able to do the work all on her own.
Take a tour of Time 4 Writing to see how it works.

From Time 4 Writing:
"Time4Writing has courses for elementary, middle, and high school students. For each group, three levels of courses are available: basic, intermediate, and advanced.If you are uncertain about which course is right for your child, you can use the Course Placement Tool to view some common writing errors and see which one looks most like your child’s writing challenge.  Once you select the most appropriate writing course, your child will begin working one-on-one with a certified writing teacher to improve his or her writing skills."
$99 from Time 4 Writing

Things I liked:
~Emily has been able to work some of the lessons independently. 
~Emily's teacher, Mrs. Cevala, has been very positive and encouraging to her about her writing. It's been good for Emily to receive some feedback from another teacher. 
~Mrs. Cevala has been prompt in her e-mail replies and grading.
~It's been broken down step-by-step.  The lessons are thorough.
~At the half-way point, Mrs. Cevala e-mailed me with a progress report.  She expressed concern that Emily had only done two weeks' worth of work instead of four.  I explained that we had been out of town the first two weeks.  She then suggested that we follow the four week program outlined on the website.  We have adjusted our schedule and hope to finish.
~This is worth 1/4 high school credit.  Emily will receive a grade.
~There are a lot of free writing resources on the site.

Things I didn't like:
~The worry about trying to get the course finished in an 8 week time frame.  Because we were on vacation for two of those weeks, I don't know if we will be able to finish the course or not.  In a paid membership, I understand that you can take a break without it hurting you timewise.  Your membership goes on hold.  Check the website about the details if you're thinking about buying this.
~The course is set up so that the student can only move forward after each lesson has been graded.  This slowed Emily down a lot.  Even with the four week schedule, no more than one lesson could be completed per day.  Upon contacting the teacher about how to speed this up, she said that she's only required to grade one assignment per day and her number of students prevented her from doing more.  This was a hindrence to Emily's completion of the course. 
~Extra time to complete the course is $49.00. 
Conclusion:  At $99.00 for eight weeks for one child, the cost is prohibitive for this homeschooling three, one-income family.  It's too bad.  I think I'd like to continue.  If your family has a higher budget for homeschooling than ours,  you are only homeschooling one, or you need some outside help from a certified teacher for a college bound upper high school student, you may wish to take a look at this program.

 Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Laura! I actually have Wordsmith to review for writing with Joy, so we need to get started! :)



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