Thursday, September 20, 2012

Free! PaperBack Swap Tutorial

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

I’ve been swapping books since August of 2006. I’ve participated in 584 transactions now. That means I’ve either sent or received a total of 584 books! No wonder I cannot catch up with my reading!

Here are a few helpful hints I’ve come up with along the way once you sign up:

1. List every book that you are willing to send out first. If it doesn’t have an ISBN number, you can follow the instructions at the bottom of the posting page. Don’t forget textbooks. They go great this time of year. You also can post older vintage books. Just check the posting requirements and read what a “good” condition book is.

2. Next, put every book that you know that you want on your wish list as soon as you think of it, read about it, or hear about it. You can wish for up to 200 books or audio books.  They're offered to you as they become available in a first wished first served order.

3. Put other books you’re not sure you want but want to remember on your reminder list.

4. Now, start listing all of your other books that you own on your TBR pile list. That’s your To Be Read list. If someone is wishing for one of those books, there will be a big W on the right side. This may help you decide the order that you read your books in. If someone’s wishing, and you decide to post the book, the wisher will be contacted immediately. That can be a quick way to pick up some more credits.

5. To help you build your wish and reminder lists, you can look at the wish lists of your buddies and people who request books from you or send books to you.

6. Look at what they have to offer, too. You may find something you like.

7. If you want to receive something from a certain person, request it while you’re on their books listed page.

8. If you want to send a book to a certain person, post it from their wish list page. It will be offered to them first.

I do not participate in the forums. I don’t know what they’re like. 

If I can help you in any way, please let me know. Also, let me know what your user name is so that I can take a look at what you have and what you’re wishing for. Who knows, I may have something that I can post for you.

My user name is lauraofharvestlane.  If you sign up, please list me as referring you.  I'll get a free book.

Please just click on the PBS banner above or go see my list of books available here. Don’t forget to tell me your user name so I can look you up on PBS!
May God bless you,

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

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  1. Good to know! Thanks for sharing

    And linking up!


  2. I think that this is a great idea for avid readers. Good way to get more books without spending alot of money. Thanks for sharing your tips with SYC.

  3. I've been a member since May 2005, and have saved a lot of money, and you still taught me stuff I didn't know about the site! :-) I love PBS!!! I added you to my friends on there. Thanks for posting!

  4. This is so interesting. I did not know that there were book swaps. I finally tried an audio book and loved being able to drive my car and "read" at the same time!

    Thanks so much for linking to Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop. Please come back again next week!

    Sinea Ducks ‘n a Row

  5. I love PBS! I've been a member since 2008. :)

  6. Interesting swap of paperbacks and audio. I love to keep an audio book in my car to listen to instead of the radio. I also get free kindle books from bookbub enrollment is free and so are many of the books. You are my neighbor here at: Homemaking Part (Hope in every season)

  7. Hi Judith,
    I've accumulated a wonderful collection of Gooseberry Patch books. Almost all of them are from Paperback Swap.


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