Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: 10 Christians Everyone Should Know

10 Christians Everyone Should Know
Edited by John Perry
Thomas Nelson Company
Released 9/4/12
We learn from history.  History is simply the story of people and how they related to each other over the centuries.  We can learn much from how early saints lived.  10 Christians Everyone Should Know introduces us to some of histories finest examples of Christianity lived out in real life.  This is a compilation of biographical sketches of Saint Patrick, Galileo, Anne Bradstreet, John Bunyan, Johan Sebastian Bach, Jane Austen, D.L. Moody, George Washington Carver, Sergeant York, and William F. Buckley Jr.  There is information at the end of each chapter indicating the author of that chapter and where to find additional information.
My Thoughts:
This book was a little hard for me to get into.  I think it's because it started with St. Patrick and information is a little sketchy on him.  There are lots of folk tales that surround him but little verifiable fact.  As I began to read about Galileo, I became more interested.   By the time I got to Anne Bradstreet, a Puritan writer of poetry, I was looking forward to my minutes of snatch reading.  You know, snatch a few minutes here, snatch a few minutes there.  I am considering offering it to my children to read.  They tend to be history buffs.  There was a good flow through the book even though it was written by several authors.  The introduction by the editor John Perry brought it all together.
While this is not the first book that I'd recommend for fun reading, it does provide a good anthology of Christian biographies for someone who is wanting to be encouraged in their faith.

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  1. Where would we be without our "forefathers"...thanks for the review...Blessings...Pam


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