Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TOS Review: Beloved Books Sugar Creek Gang

Many years ago, my husband made a decision that changed the course of our children's childhood.  It was what seemed a small decision, but it made a major impact.  What was it?  Simply this, no Saturday morning cartoons.  Gasp! Are we even Americans?  Oh yes, Christian Americans who don't want our children inundated with commercials and programming that doesn't reflect our Christian values.  This decision lead to a search for alternatives.  We found Christian children's programming on the radio.  We fell in love with audio drama, especially old-fashioned audio drama. 

Beloved Books falls right into line with our Christian values with their Sugar Creek Gang CDs.   These wholesome stories, written by Paul Hutchens, depict the adventures of  a group of seven boys growing up in a small Indiana town near Sugar Creek.  First published in the forties, these stories capture the imagination and encourage outdoor fun and good moral values.  That's why I like them.  My kids like them just because they're really interesting stories.  They hold their attention.  My fifteen year old isn't quite as keen on them; but, she's fifteen.  What can I say?  We received the first of the Sugar Creek Gang CD sets. It introduces the characters and is filled with boyhood adventure. I was reminded of my childhood when we used to hang out down by the creek and make believe everything we could imagine, but there are some real mysterious happenings in this story.  The quality of the recording is super.

Sugar Creek Gang Volume 1 CDs  $54.95
There are six volumes available.
If you buy all six, they are currently on sale for $279.70 regular $329.70. Free media shipping.

My children were very excited to receive these CDs.  They've enjoyed Sugar Creek Gang books over the years.  We love audio dramas in the car and to listen to while we are doing creative activities.  I love the narrator, Paul Ramseyer's, voice.  He captures the spirit of a young boy in his voice, communicating the emotions in a credible way.  These stories were recorded many many years ago, but they're just as enjoyable today. 

This is one of my favorite Review Crew items. 

This volume of CDs contains the following stories:

The Swamp Robber
The Killer Bear
The Winter Rescue
The Lost Campers
Chicago Adventure
The Secret Hideout

About Sugar Creek Gang

I received this product as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own and my children's.

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