Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: Second Chances by Max Lucado

Who doesn't need a second chance?  A do-over?  A begin-again?   If we're honest, we've all blown it once or twice, or oh, let's not even think about how many times.  So many little decisions have such big consequences.  Second Chances is a book of short stories by Max Lucado.  The styles of stories vary, but they all point to the grace and mercy available from God the Father, by the power of the Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit.  Many of the stories take Bible stories and rewrite them into circumstances that are plausible today.

"God gives second chances...
... for the Rebellious
... for the Regret-riddled
... for the Prideful
... for the Mistake Makers
... For a Faltering Faith
... For Those who Hurt Us."
~ from the Table of Contents

My thoughts:
Thank God, He gives us second chances.   As I read, I was encouraged in my faith and reminded of God's goodness, grace, mercy, love and forgiveness towards me when I repent.  God does give us second chances.  Remember Jesus saying to forgive seventy times seven?  Thank you God!

My favorite story was Imperfect People.  It was so good, I wish I could include it right here.  The woman is stiff and sore because of the garbage bag she is carrying.  Others are carrying garbage, too.  "Oh, to be rid of this garbage."  It tells of how she disposed of the garbage.  It spoke to me because, although I've gotten rid of a lot of garbage, I still have some saved back that I must release and toss.  There's only one Way to do that.

The more I read my Bible and the more I read books that reveal God to me, the more I love Him.  Smiles and tears adorned my face as I read this book.  It was an easy book to snatch read when I had a few minutes here and there.   I recommend it.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from BookLook.

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