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REVIEW: The Perfect Score Project Uncovering the Secrets of the SAT Debbie Stier

The Perfect Score Project - Debbie Stier
Thank you Waterbrook Multnomah for giving me this review book.
     She's sixteen.  How can it be?  Where's my little girl?  Who is this young woman?  What was I doing while this amazing transformation was occurring?  I looked into lovely hazel eyes and listened to singing and laughter and was mesmerized into believing she would always be my little girl.  Now I find we'll soon be entering into her final years of high school.  I'm sure I just taught her to read a few years ago.  Now thoughts are turning to the possibility of college and the SAT.

     The Perfect Score chronicles Mrs. Stier's journey to ace the SAT.   Mrs. Debbie Stier became concerned when her son was a sophomore in high school about paying for college.  Because of some focusing issues, she felt that he was not meeting his potential in his classes.  Because they were a bit behind the game in getting the grade point average required to get scholarships, she looked for other options.  She landed upon the idea of getting a scholarship based on SAT scores.

     Improving her son's scores was the impetus for The Perfect Score Project.   Mrs. Stier took the SAT seven times in one year to try to improve her scores. She was shooting for a perfect score.  The book shows the process of study and the numerous methods of study that she tried.  She evaluates each method and resource giving strengths and weaknesses.  She shared lots of tips and strategies that she found worked for her.  She also shared what did not work.  Her strongest advice was to practice with official  SAT College Board materials and take timed full practice tests.
     Initially, Mrs. Stier simply stressed me out.  There was an anxiety in the early chapters of the book that transferred to me.  As a homeschooler, I feel a tremendous responsibility to prepare my children for the future.  I began to feel fearful.  In fact, I contacted a couple of local colleges to see if they use the SAT or ACT because I was so nervous!  If you're wondering, most students in our area of the Midwest take the ACT according to one college in our area, but the SAT is accepted, also.  As I continued to read, Mrs. Stier either calmed down or I grew accustomed to her stress.  ~smile~

     I must admit that I was a bit turned off by the fact that the author had seemingly unlimited resources to purchase every resource, lesson, and tutor that she wanted.  That did not resonate with me as a mom who must be thrifty with everything I purchase.  In fact, the $25.00 price tag on this book would be too high for me. Does that mean the value's not there? No.  It just means that she has much higher means than I do.  I can see where she has made it possible for thrifty and frugal moms to save money on their children's test prep.

     I think this is a helpful book for college bound students and their parents.  It was well organized but a bit difficult for me to read because of the stress.  I recommend that you look at it in a bookstore and see what you think.
Debbie Stier
Price: $25.00
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780307956675

Thank you Waterbrook Multnomah for this advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

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