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Review: Pollyanna Read by Melanie Young

I remember watching Disney's version of the story Pollyanna as a child.  I remember Hayley Mills as Pollyanna playing the Glad Game.  It was a happy encouraging movie that I like to watch once in awhile to remind myself to look on the bright side of things. Perhaps you remember the movie, too.

Thank you Hal & Melanie for this free review copy.
What you may not know is that Disney's beloved Pollyanna is based on Eleanor Porter's book.  What a perfectly refreshing and charming book!  The language is rich and satisfying.  Pollyanna practically collects words. ~smile~  It reminded me of reading Anne of Green Gables.

In a nutshell, Pollyanna is a young 'tween who is orphaned.  Aunt Polly, a rather austere, strict woman, agrees to take her in.  When Pollyanna realizes that Aunt Polly is rich, she has hopes for fine things like curtains and carpeting in her room.  Aunt Polly feels that would be spoiling the child, so she denies her such pleasures, instead putting her in a hot, cramped attic room.  Pollyanna chooses to play the Glad Game.  As Pollyanna meets many unpleasant people and situations, she employs the Glad Game to help her through and to help others be glad, too.  Being a Pollyanna wouldn't be such a bad thing after all!

The quality of the recording is clear and crisp.  Melanie Young reads with terrific expression.  I soon forgot her voice as I became immersed in the story.  That's just how it should be with an excellent read aloud.  My only regret is that I was unable to use it in my van because my CD player is broken.  It would be great to keep in the car to listen while running errands or traveling longer distances.  Who doesn't need a great story for that?  I listened while doing housekeeping and while sewing.  It was great.

I highly recommend this recording.

5 hours 17 minutes
You can purchase the CD set at Hal and Melanie Young's site, Raising Real Men.
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From the website:

A Hilarious Challenge to Bad Attitudes

Hal and Melanie SugarLoaf Web (c)2009When we first picked up the classic children’s book Pollyanna, I didn’t really want to read it. I had heard people called “Pollyannas” and I just assumed it would be boring and didactic. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We loved it! All of us – boys, girls, young men, mom and dad. We laughed out loud at Pollyanna’s antics – and the reactions of the people around her. We laughed and cried, in fact, we were changed by this book. We became more grateful people. Seriously, you can hardly imagine how good this book is!When we recorded the audiobook, even though our children had just read it with us a few months ago, they begged to be in the room. After we recorded it, they wanted to hear the audiobook. They can’t get enough! It’s just so funny and sweet and gripping. Don’t worry, there are great male characters here, too! Your guys will love it! As we read it aloud to our children, we all had a tremendous desire to share it with you. Pollyanna was first published in 1913 exactly one hundred years ago. This special Centennial Anniversary Edition is sure to be a  classic your children will want to listen to again and again! Ours did.

I received this cd set from Great Waters Press in exchange for an honest review.


  1. We love the book Polyanna! Have you read the sequel? :)

    We've also enjoyed the Disney version of Pollyanna for years, but our favorite Pollyanna movie is the Masterpiece Theater version. That one is MUCH closer to the book, and the little girl who plays Pollyanna is just so sweet! :)

    Thanks for sharing this review. I always love finding new audio books! :)


  2.  I haven't seen that version, Miss Sarah. I'd like to.

  3. I just loved the Pollyanna book. Once we read that, I couldn't watch the Disney movie any more... She was way too saucy when the original book portrays her as a sweet soul.. I agree with Miss Sarah above, the Masterpiece Theater version followed the principles better. Have a great day :)

  4. The Disney version is sooo adorable.
    Thanks for telling us about this book.
    Oh, and two more things:
    I LOVE your cutie pie background here...and now I am following you thru Google Friends Connect.:)
    Have a great day. xoxo

  5.  Thanks, BJ. I'll be over for a visit to Sweet Nothings soon.

  6. Hello, Laura,
    We also loved Pollyanna, but have not watched the movie. I think we will stick with the books, for many of the movies are not the best and we are trying to use our time wisely. I still love your blog and am sorry I haven't had much time to comment lately :) Have a very blessed day and weekend of rest!


  7.  I have to agree, Jacqueline. Thanks for talking back. Have a good weekend!


  8. She was so sweet, wasn't she, Jes? I've been trying to find things to be glad about myself now.

    Laura Lane


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