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Thank you FlyBy Promotions for allowing me to view this documentary.
One of the perks of blogging is the chance to see some terrific movies and documentaries. Roadmap Genesis is a unique documentary showing the relevance of and necessity for the Book of Genesis in the world in the 21st Century. Nolan Lebovitz interviewed a vast array of people including Jewish Rabbis, Catholics, Protestants, and people on the street. He showed the decline of American society as we've moved away from Judeo-Christian ethics toward a individualistic me me me society.  You can read all about it below in the press release. 

 I found the film interesting, and I do agree that Genesis is foundational to all of society no matter where or when it is. I honestly feel a little fuzzy about what the call to action is. I am a Christian. I am nice. I am friendly. I think that for me, I want to show the love of Jesus (who is God) because that love draws people to God.  I think that the film maker wants us to do that, but also to teach our children that God's Word is applicable now. There is hope for the future if we return to God's teachings and to Jesus Christ.

I thought the film was well made and well researched. I was especially impressed with the segments by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and former Governor Mike Huckabee.

I watched it with 13 year old Amy. While it kept her attention, she told me it confused her. I think it's geared more toward adults.

Note: There were a couple of times they used classic art that showed nudity. That bothered both of us, and we looked away.



Roadmap Genesis is a film documentary that makes the case that the Book of Genesis is a road map containing guideposts on how to live a productive, fruitful, and fulfilling life that will help our society lift itself out of its current decline and return it to prosperity, promise, and accomplishment.
When Filmmaker Nolan Lebovitz found himself at a crossroads in his life, he knew he had to choose between continuing to make the Hollywood suspense thrillers that were his livelihood and trying to make the world a better place for his new young family. After much struggle, he found his answer in the Book of Genesis.
He decided to combine his love of the Book of Genesis with his passion for film making and set out to travel the United States, interviewing clergy and public figures in order to build an undeniable argument about the continued importance of the Book of Genesis as guiding force in our Judeo-Christian country.

Roadmap Genesis invites Americans of all faiths to engage in a dialogue about the relevance of the Bible in the modern age. Through interviews ranging from Gov. Mike Huckabee of Fox News Channel to Rabbi David Wolpe, from Alan Dershowitz to the Archbishop of Chicago CardinalFrancis George, from Erick Stakelbeck of the Christian Broadcasting Network to Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, and many, many more, Nolan explores the rules that God has set forth to help us maintain a successful and working society.

1 hour 17 minutes
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