Sunday, July 12, 2015

Catching Faith ~ A Movie Review

It's tough to be a parent. There are so many responsibilities, so many ways to try to get it all right. Some people do it well. Some don't. Most of us are in between.

Alexa, the mother, is a totally stressed out mom trying to look perfect at everything she does. Everything does look perfect, but it's all unraveling. She's unraveling.
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Here's a little about the movie from the company.

Synopsis:  John and Alexa Taylor appear to have the perfect life – they’re the envy of all the parents in town. Their son Beau is the high school football star and their daughter Ravyn is a straight-A student. But when Beau is caught drinking alcohol, his place on the team and his bright future are on the line. With the football season at stake and the judgmental community turning their backs on them, every member of the Taylor family is at a crossroads. Now, they must find the strength from one another, and the spiritual courage from within, to prove that faith and family is the only score that really matters.

Inspired by the real life experiences of his co-writer, Christian Counsellor, Andrea M. Polnaszek, John K.D. Graham directs a powerful film about one family’s journey toward a true relationship with God and each other, despite the pressures of the community to keep on with the façade. It will be available on DVD, Digital HD, and On Demand this August.  

My Family's Thoughts
  • "It wasn't that bad. I thought this was a football movie. It has football in it, but it wasn't a football movie.  It had a good message. It wasn't as bad as my family says it is." Amy, 13
  • "I kept waiting for the show to start. I was bored. The acting was mediocre except the coach." Michael, 15
  • "The movie was dull and uninteresting. It had a good message at the end, but it wasn't played up as well as it should have been; so the point was very weak." Emily, 17
  • "The movie ended up with a good message. The quality of the movie was good, but until about the second half, I was still waiting for the movie to start." Lowell, the dad

My Thoughts
  • One thing I liked is that it showed how women have a tendency to try to look good in front of each other and not to be real with each other. That makes for shallow relationships. Worse, it makes for loneliness as we think we're the only ones with problems.
  • It's blatantly Christian. That's something we need a lot more of in the movies.
  • Doing the right thing is sometimes hard. This movie exemplifies that well. 
  • The beginning was weak and a bit ambiguous. We were halfway into the movie before I really had a good idea what was going on. 
  • I thought this was a football movie and invited my family to watch a football movie with me. So, we were expecting more action and less drama. If we had watched this movie with the idea that it was about a family going through hard times, we might have enjoyed it more. I give it 3 stars. 
Take a look for yourself.

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  1. Thank you for the review... I am glad there are more movies that are so openly Christian... not that they are all good, but it is nice to have more to choose from and more ways for the message to get out there. :) Thank you.

  2. Me too, Gentle Joy. I wish they would flood the market. If I could, I would buy them all just to help them.

  3. Thanks for the honest review. I agree with you. We need more blatantly Christian movies. I am sometimes willing to watch them even if they aren't "the best" if it encourages others to make more.

  4. That's a good point Forever Joyful!

  5. Thanks for the review. Just visiting from thw Wednesday Blog Party. :)

  6. Thanks for the movie review. We are always looking for some quality shows to watch, but we don't like to suffer through bad scripts or poor acting. Your review has helped us to decide about this movie. Thank you~

    I came over on Think Tank today, and I'm glad to find your site!

    Hope you have a blessed day today~

  7. Sounds like the book is better than the movie. It is hard being a parent. And there are those who try to be their teens friends and not their parents. They have plenty of friends, we need to act like their parents! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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