Tuesday, September 22, 2015

America the Strong, Conservative Ideas to Spark the Next Generation by Authors William Bennett and John Cribb

Many years ago, during the early years of homeschooling, we read The Book of Virtues aloud to our children. We would skip around from story to story to find the one that fit the moment. Years later, I am again turning to one of William J. Bennett's books, America the Strong, written with John T.E. Cribb. This time the subject is Conservative Ideas to Spark the Next Generation.

Bennett and Cribb recognize the moral, spiritual, financial, and every other "al" crisis this country has come to. Too many years of poor liberal leadership and liberal attacks on conservative values has weakened the country. But Bennett and Cribb still view America as strong and vibrant and full of hope for the future. That future depends on our ability to communicate truth and conservative vision to the next generation.

As the authors state, that's not easily done sometimes. While we may know and believe something, it's not always easy to articulate it, especially when we're on the spot. America the Strong addresses the questions, viewpoints, and values that most conservatives agree on in a direct, clear way.

I have put this book on the required reading list for my sixteen and eighteen year old students this year. Although they already share our values, I want them to be able to understand and be able to explain why they share these values. This will be part of their government curriculum.

I find America the Strong to be a well written explanation of the conservative views that the majority of Americans share but find maligned in the popular media. I think America the Strong has value for all Americans.
America the Strong
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September 2015 

We live in a culture that often dismisses and ridicules conservative values. By the time liberal professors, the news media, and Hollywood get through with them, many young Americans are convinced “conservative” means extremist and intolerant. It’s a distortion that endangers America’s future. Bill Bennett and coauthor John Cribb explain what conservatism really means, using five fundamental principles summarized by the word FLINTFree enterprise, Limited government, Individual liberty, National defense, andTraditional values. America the Strong shows the next generation how these principles have made the United States a great nation and why they are worth preserving. It answers more than one hundred questions, from “Do conservatives hate the government?” to “What’s wrong with having an open border?” to “Why can’t rich people pay all the taxes?”

Discover a strong, clear conservative vision of America for the next generation.
*I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Tyndale Publishers.


  1. I immediately requested this from my library. There are holds on all of the copies, so it must be a popular one! I think people are hungry for positive and strong stories like this. Thanks for sharing, I will enjoy reading this aloud to my whole family.

  2. I think you're right, Jamie. I hope you get it soon.


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