Thursday, October 1, 2015

REVIEW: 2015-2016 Planners for Elementary and Middle School Students

I am an HEDUA affiliate, because I enjoy their products. 
I received the floral student planner in exchange for an honest review.

  •  Amy (14) really likes it. 
  • She has a nice neat place to keep track of all her assignments and activities 
  • Great place to keep records so that we can keep track of everything.
  • compact size 6" x 9"
  • spiral bound
  • pretty floral prints and colors  or 
  • cool tech print 
  • Great for public, private, or homeschool students
  • 2 page weekly layout gives plenty of room for assignments, notes, and appointments
  • Bible verses, quotes, and reading lists
  • Extensive reference section
  • Amy was feeling left out since Emily and Michael had their own High School Planners.
  • She likes feeling organized and neat. This book made it possible in a pretty yet mature way.
  • The quality of paper is good. It's not really thick and not thin. It should last all year without a problem unlike the spiral notebooks we've used in the past.

Amy's Thoughts

  • I like it.
  • The slots are sometimes too small to write what I want to write. Other than that, I like it. 
  • It doesn't fall apart like a normal notebook. 
  • It's pretty.
  • It's wonderful.
  • You should get it, too.
  • I like all their quotes and places to write notes in.

PEEK INSIDE the Floral version.

PEEK INSIDE the Tech version.

Our family has enjoyed planners from the Well Planned Day
including The Well Planned Day teacher's planner and the high school planners.

Thank you HEDUA, Home Educating Association, for this review copy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great planner on Literacy Musing Mondays. I know my readers will enjoy learning about it.


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