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An Amish Market ~ A Collection of Four Novellas ~ Review

Amish Market is a collection of four novellas from some of the best Christian writers in the Amish category. One thing I really enjoy about Amish stories is that they are wholesome. I don't have to worry about whether there will be creeping secularism, loose values, or inappropriate behavior. That's not to say that there's never anything bad that happens— just that I know it will be clean. I don't want to watch or read anything that's not PG or G. I'm not that kind of girl. ~smile~

Amish Market doesn't disappoint. These are four good stories. It's so nice to be able to finish a story in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks. While I know some ladies have lots of time to read, this homeschool mama's hours to read are a bit limited especially this time of year.

Story 1  Amy Clipston's Lovebirds begins with a young Ellie and her mother mourning the death of Seth the family's only son. Ellie's father had died earlier. This left Ellie and her mother dependent on relatives and friends for support. One of her brother's friends, Lloyd, whom Ellie has secretly adored for years, helps in every way he can. This is a sweet story of young love that develops through disasters and pushes through misunderstandings. It was a light enjoyable story.

Story 2 A Bid for Love by Kathleen Fuller.....  Mistakes, confusion, misunderstandings and a bit of mystery all come together to make this story one that combines a bit of mystery and suspense with a love story that surprises the young couple themselves. It's centered around a yearly charity auction and a grandmother's quilt.

Story 3 Sweeter Than Honey..... Isabella made a poor first impression on store employeed Will Glick when she broke a jar of pickled beets in the store. Will, heartbroken by not one but two women, is a cold man. Isabella finds herself wanting to break through the icy exterior, but ends up embarrassing herself in yet another compromising situation from which Will rescues her.

Story 4 My favorite story was the last. Vanetta Chapman's Love in Store.....
Perhaps it's because the characters were older. Both David and Stella were in their early fifties. A widower, patient and wise, and a spinster disappointed and bitter, David and Stella have a strange attraction to each other that takes each by surprise. They actually think they dislike each other to begin with. Mysterious pranks played by some young hoodlum bring them together to solve a mystery with an unexpected culprit. All that togetherness... well you'll just have to read it to see how it turns out.

My one disappointment was that I thought all four stories would intertwine in the end. Instead they all stand alone. They can be read in any order. Still, I did enjoy them very much. It's been awhile since I've read Amish fiction, and now I remember why I liked it. I don't know how true to life it is, but I can be sure it will be wholesome and safe to read. I cannot tolerate any vulgarity or explicit anything!

You're safe with this one!

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  1. I do like Amish stories, Laura, and read a loot of them.
    Sadly I can't get Booklook ebooks to download onto my laptop so cannot use them. I tried!

    1. ​Oh, I don't suppose BookLook sends paper copies to the UK do they, Elizabeth?

      Keep an eye on Amazon. You can search for free Kindle books and download their program to read on your device.

      Be blessed!
      Laura ​

  2. I read the Christmas Gift for Rose one...and I did like it. Thanks for the tip about the books. Have a beautiful Sunday, friend.

    1. I'm feeling better Linda. I think I'll be back in the swing of things tomorrow. I've been reading The Life Giving Home. It's inspiring me to do homemakery things. ~smile~

      Be blessed, may your mind remember what you're studying easily,

  3. This sounds like a wonderful series! I love Amish books, too, when I have time to read. I don't do it often, but when I do, I enjoy it, and like you, since my time to read is limited, I refuse to sit and indulge in anything that will not edify or nourish my soul and draw me ever closer to Jesus. I still cannot figure out what is wrong that I cannot get your posts via email anymore! It is so frustrating! I miss getting them that way, because then I automatically knew when you had posted something! I hope you have a great day! :)

    1. Oh, I'm so sorry it's not working Cheryl. I tried adding you to my direct email list. I don't think I've posted since adding you though. I will post tomorrow I think.

  4. Sounds like a great read. Thanks for linking up with us again at Literacy Musing Mondays. I look forward to reading your book reviews and posts each week. ;)


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