Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Strategize NOW for a Stress LESS Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving Week!  Yes, it's really here!

Some of you us may be getting a little stressed at this point. Thanksgiving is but a couple of days away. Mmmm... I'm dreaming of sweet potato casserole with lots of pecans! Oh, pinch me and wake me up! Back to planning.
  • First, take a deep breath. Now, go take your turkey out of the freezer. Put it in the refrigerator to thaw slowly and safely.  Are you still reading? Stop it! Go get that turkey in the fridge and meet me back here in five minutes. ~smile~ 
  • Get yourself a delicious drink, light a candle, and put on some relaxing music.  Pandora has some great Christmas music.  I like the Jim Brickman and Bing Crosby Christmas stations. Spotify has some great music, too. They let you build your own play list. 
  • Sit down with paper and pen right now and think think think.
We have a lot of control over how much tension we have in our own minds over holiday dinners. Planning is so very important. 
  • Plan your meals for each day from now until the end of the weekend. Try to use the food you have on hand as much as possible to save your money for special items you will need to celebrate. Plan for a few impromptu snacks as well.  Write this out for every meal. Then make a list of every item you will need. Example
  • Now, ask yourself a few questions. Where will you be for Thanksgiving?  Will you be providing the meal?  Bringing something to a dinner?  Traveling?  Needing snacks for the car?  Candles?  Decorations?  Jot down any notes you might need.
  • Make a cooking timeline. I had to follow a timeline when my children were little, and I did most of the cooking. Now that the kids and my hubby help me cook, it's not as critical as it once was, but I still have to know what to cook when!

When you're done with all of this, you should have a shopping list. 

First, shop your pantry and freezer. Check off what you already have. You should be left with a shopping list. Check it twice and add anything else you need.

Now, plan to go to the store as soon as possible. Take your list!

I know it's coming fast, but pray, breathe, and believe that you can get it all done peacefully. Remember—perfect is only in magazines and books. 

This is your real life. 
Live it well by enjoying the journey.

Happy Thanksgiving preparations,
Who will be following her own advice!


  1. I can safely check all that off my list...smiles...what a great post Laura...have a beautiful remainder of the week...congrats to your daughter for getting caught up in Math (and I am so guilty about email, sigh)---I am off until Monday, still have homework, but that's ok. smiles

    1. Thanks Linda. She has a couple more math lessons then the final. She wants to try to do that Monday so she will be able to go to the Christmas parade the following Monday night. They don't require you to attend classes after you take the final, and her math class is on Monday nights.

      Have a wonderful weekend—hopefully your homework will go smoothly.
      Be blessed!
      Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Laura! I am so thankful for you!!

    1. Oh Sharon, you are so sweet! Thank you!

    2. Oh what a great post. Lot's of great tips.
      I wanted to remind you to come over and link your books suggestions. The party begins Thanksgiving day at noon and runs through the weekend.
      It will be over here:
      Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Thanksgiving is over for us! We have had Thanksgiving with our children the weekend before, since our oldest married 25 years ago.
    For the "big" day, if we feel like a 3hr ride, we travel to his Momma's. If not, i roast a chicken, a very small pan of dressing, sweet potatoes, and all that, but just enough for the 2 of us. It works for us, we get the day with our kids & grands, and a very stress-less holiday for me.
    Hope you have a very blessed and thankful day!

  4. Great tips, but I would say that if you've waited til now/Tuesday to shop for Thursday/Thanksgiving...brace yourself! You'll likely be overrun at the store with other last minute shoppers (most in my fam/area that I know got it done last week) and very stressed out.
    Not very helpful at this point, I guess, but maybe good for a future Tgiving post?
    Happy Turkey Day, no matter when you shop!

    1. Hi Tammy,
      This post was intended for those who still need to organize and shop at this time for various reasons. I'm glad you were able to get it done early. I'm going to double check my list, but I think I've got everything, too.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Great tips, and funny ones too! I also make a timeline, and I couldn't function without it. I also need to remember to take the cool whip out of the freezer tomorrow so it's ready to top the pumpkin pie.

  6. Happy thanksgiving. Don't forget to come over and share your Christmas book suggestions at the party this weekend.
    It begins a noon on Thanksgiving Day. The party will be over here:http://ourholidayjourney.blogspot.com/

  7. Stressed?! Not me! I baked today and will finish up in the morning and help my MIL...my mom and aunt are coming out and its going to be a great day!

    Happy Thanksgiving Laura!

    1. I baked my pies yesterday. Each of my kids is assigned a dish today. I should just have my stuffing, table setting, and overseeing to do. I'm still teaching them their dishes.
      Be blessed!
      Happy Thanksgiving,

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Laura!
    No stress for me unless you count being with all my in laws ;)
    I bought two grocery deli pies to take, I'm done!
    Honestly, they really want the food prepared their way, by them!
    Years of my MIL's cookin'!
    It seems easier to go along with all that, they are good cooks, and I just take desserts or something I want that is different.
    The best part is just being together.

    1. ​Here's the post for you dearie! Read it right away. Hugs!
      The Best Way to Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Great tips. Happy Thanksgiving, Laura!


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