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WHEN NO ONE WAS LOOKING - - - Project Mnemosyne - - - by Kim Frauli

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When No One Was Looking is a Dystopian mystery novel aimed at young adults. The main characters are about twenty years old and brilliant. Although the premise is realistic enough to make it plausible, like most Dystopian novels, it's a bit unrealistic in how it plays out. It is entertaining nevertheless. The main characters, Julianna and Declan, are well developed and likeable. There is an integrity and wholesomeness about them that I like. 

Slow start, but I soon felt compelled to keep reading. After terrorist attacks, all the children were tested in school. They were, against the parents' will, then taken from their families and sent to Scholars or Warriors camp. If they did not qualify for these camps, they were allowed to become workers and remain in their homes. Julianna and Declan were torn from their families and sent to Scholars camp. They were not allowed any contact with the outside world, they were simply trained, then put to work as researchers. 

This is the first book in the Project Mnemosyne series. 

About the book:
After terrorist attacks reshaped the world in which she lived, an orphaned Julianna Brenner was taken to live in the Scholars Compound. There, she and her best friend Declan work on medical advancements to benefit the world outside. Everything they do is dictated by the rules of the New Regime. When Guardian Costma, the leader of the New Regime, summons them to assign a new project, Julianna has serious objections to the nature of the project. With Declan’s help, she devises a plan to get them out of the Scholars Compound and live a life of their own making. However, they are blindly entering a world about which they know very little, and Guardian Costma will not let them go without a chase. Will they be able to find freedom they seek? Are their family members still out there waiting for their return? Or will the truths they learn be too much to handle?

About the Author, Kim Frauli:
Author, Kim Frauli

Kim Frauli lives on a farm in rural Illinois with her husband, three children, and a menagerie of animals. She spent several years in marketing and communications for non-profit organizations, including serving as editor-in-chief of a hospital’s health magazine. She took a break from full-time work to focus on family and volunteer work and became involved in education. She has served as a PTO president, board of education member, reading tutor and youth sports coach, in addition to chairing various events.

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  1. That sounds rather interesting! And since I have no kids, I could read it and not have nightmares! I'm too old to be a warrior and definitely not scholarly lol.

    Debby in KS

    1. Oh you are so funny! I like to think I'd be a scholar, but....
      Enjoy your week Debby!


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