Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Bedtime Book By Mary Engelbreit

As most of you know, my time with littles is long since past. My youngest, Amy, is now fifteen going on sixteen. Still, the draw of a good storybook is strong. I look forward to the day of grandlittles snuggling up for a story with grammy, but that's still several years in the future.

As a substitute, my dear Amy cuddled up on the bed with me to enjoy this book as a read aloud. After all, one cannot review a storybook without reading it aloud! She enjoyed it, too, I think.

This is not actually a storybook, but a collection of poetry that can be read in a sing song fashion—quite a fun way to read to children actually. One part I even sang.

I do love that God is an important part of the narrative.

As expected, with Mary Engelbreit, the illustrations are on a par by themselves. No one else I've found comes close to the whimsical joy found in her illustrations. She has a creativity and a fun to her pictures that are unmatched. I've never been disappointed by one of her books.

This book does have one two page spread that did disturb my daughter and I a bit. In it, there are several little monsters all tucked into bed with the child. They were under the child's bed and were scared. After they were all tucked in, they were no longer afraid. The monsters, while "cute" also could be considered scary by little ones. I would recommend you look at this first prior to reading the book to a young child. Yes, I was the protective mama. I just thought you should know.

From Zondervan $16.99
Publish date July 25, 2017
ISBN-13 9780310733294

"Mama comes to tuck you in,
Pulls the covers to your chin,
Squeezes fingers, squeezes toes,
Lays a kiss upon your nose.
New York Times bestselling author Mary Engelbreit presents The Bedtime Book, a beautifully-illustrated picture book that pairs sleepy time text with Mary’s beloved, timeless art. From endearing poems and snuggly stories to sweet blessings and precious prayers, each page of The Bedtime Book features ways for you to read your little one to sleep.  The Bedtime Book has a beautiful cover decorated with embossing and spot gloss." Zondervan

I received this book from the publisher for free for review purposes. My opinion is my own.

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  1. The cover is absolutely darling! Remind me to show you of my friend, Mary's, books. I think you'd be delighted with them as much as I am! <3

  2. I have always loved her books.
    Just a quick word - Prayers that God lays His healing hands upon you, and your body is totally healed.

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl for your prayer!

  3. What a sweet thing of your daughter! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. She is an amazing artist with such a profound God-given talent, but since she is so vocal in her support of abortion, and since she dedicates proceeds from her books and art to Planned Parenthood, (and makes posters for Pro-Choice marches for people to carry), I cannot in good conscience pay for anything that she sells. I used to like her page on FB, but I had to unfriend her because of her pro-abortion, Pro-Hillary and anti-Trump rhetoric. It was such a shame, as I really loved her work :(

    1. ​I had not read these things. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ~smile~​

  5. I used to love her work too, but now feel a lot like 5webs. She's a great artist, for sure, but I no longer spend my money with her. :(( I hope you have a wonderful happy week! Continuing to pray for you!!

    1. Goodness. I had no idea. Strange. She mentions God in her book. Ah well. It is what it is. Glad it was a review book. ~smile~
      Thank you for praying!

  6. I've been a fan of Mary's for a long time now and was sad when they discontinued the Home Companion magazine. That was actually my favorite of any of her undergoing. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. God bless you, you are in my prayers.
    Connie :)

    1. You're quite welcome Connie! Thank you!


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