Friday, November 17, 2017

Don't Hate Yourself Over Bills!

I think we've all done it. We have robbed Peter to pay Paul. We've bought something on credit thinking we would pay it at the end of the month or some such thing. Maybe we bought a car on credit or ran up a bill at this place or that. We've all run up bills of different kinds in past. Some of us might be doing it right now. I've run up some medical bills recently. Thank you Jesus, we've been able to pay them. ~smile~

Some of us have run up balances all over the place. Been there done that. Then guilt and fear mount as we look at the bills coming in. Sometimes there's not enough money to pay them all.
Then the self-hate and self-loathing kick in.

Stop! Do not hate yourself for anything. Do not allow the devil a foothold. It's done. If it was because of something foolish you did, or because of sin of some sort, repent! Now ask God for his favor in getting the bills reduced and paid. It's not too hard for Him. I've seen God perform many miracles financially. This is the first year that we were able to get health insurance, and we just barely made it in time. Thank God we did. At over $40,000 for one chemo treatment, I don't know what would have happened otherwise. 

There are numerous ways you can cut your expenses. I've written about it extensively here on the blog. But this is the thing. You need to learn to do what you can, and then trust God. Getting close to Him is the best thing you can do to get through your financial hardships. Believe me, we've had major financial hardships in our thirty-one years of marriage. I spent most of those years fretting, worrying and stressing. I wasted those years, because I didn't have happiness and joy.

Build an Emergency Fund! Dave Ramsey recommends this as the first thing to do and to do as quickly as possible. For us, it's only $1000, but it's enough to cover a car repair. Most of our credit card debt years ago was for car repairs. Last year, when my husband closed our restaurant, we went from mid-December until April without income. No unemployment. Nothing but the little bit of money we'd been able to scrape together for an emergency fund—around $1000. 

We sold stuff. We gave things away. We prayed. I used what I had and made do. God a little there a little. We don't even know how. We just prayed for each need as it came up, and God took care of it. 
He will take care of you, too!

God will make a way. 

Go right now and read Psalm 34. 
Read it aloud. 
Faith comes by hearing,
and hearing by the Word of God!
Romans 10:17

I'm going to go read it right now myself!

God bless you!
Don't give up!
Do what you can with what you've got where you are!
Think creatively!

Stay out of debt this Christmas! Make the commitment now!

Blessed beyond the stress

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  1. I felt that stress earlier this year with half a million dollars in medical bills for my husband's heart attack and coma. But God supplied it. We moved $8000 from our savings and began to pay the bills and when we were done we moved what was left back to our savings. We had nearly the same balance!We checked and rechecked the numbers and it did not make sense. The only answer is God.

    AFter having our debit card compromised and our checking account cleaned out 2.5 years ago we switched to all credit. We get 2% back on everything which is an added bonus. I was crazy scared to do it because I pictured coming to the end of the month and n having the funds to pay it. Our youngest daughter who is an accountant came up with the way to handle it. We record purchases in our checkbook that are made with the credit card the same as we did with the debit card. Those purchases get entered into my budget ledger just like they did when we were using a debit card. When the bill comes I pay it but I do subtract the bill from the checkbook because all of it has been subtracted and accounted for already. I do admit that when that bill comes and I open it I sometimes feel stricken for a moment until I remember that it has all been accounted for already so there are no worries.

    It is good to see you doing better. I pray that you will have a wonderful week of Thanksgiving to our Lord and enjoy your family and the day. Are you starting to see your hair come back? I remember my Mother in law's fuzzy head and how happy she was to see her hair again after her chemo.

  2. Jack and I are doing our best to never get into another mess over credit! But sometimes things do happen!

  3. This was very encouraging!!! Thank you.

  4. Laura, I'm hoping for you so much better health in the coming year. We've followed Dave Ramsey since his book, The Total Money Makeover, came out in the late 90's. It's been a blessing to have an easy to follow plan, and we've been debt free for many years.

  5. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, is a regular occurance here sad to say. Great post.

  6. Honest, down to earth, encouraging, wise and I look forward to your blog !!! :) and great advice. I've known all those emotions over the years and fallen into financial pits at times. These days I am mostly Mrs frugal :) Last Christmas one of our grand children reminded us we went a bit over the top and we did :) but it was only because we had a little more to spend that usual and wanted to bless them. I said to her "Should Nanny and Ganger not buy anything this year? maybe last Christmas was enough for 2 Christmases ! :) and she said No Nanny :) he he ..good try :)

  7. I am thinking that many people put Christmas on credit and then have to find crazy ways to fix the bills later in the year. I am thankful that we always pay cash for the Christmas items.

  8. It's amazing how God works everything out just when we need it! I pray that you guys will have a wonderful Christmas! I didn't realize you had a restaurant. you'll have to tell me more when you have time.

    1. We closed the restaurant a couple years ago. It was a very interesting chapter of our life, but I'm glad to have my husband back with us. He worked a lot of hours back then.
      Happy Thanksgiving,

  9. I have a tendency to beat myself up over debt, but I am learning.

  10. Laura, once again you amaze me! Your faith & belief is so encouraging, and uplifting, and it will never cease to amaze me, you have the right posts, at the right moment in time. Not just for me. But other readers are getting whatever message is needed when its needed.
    God is not only blessing us all thru your medical situation, He is laying important issues that some of us need now, or it will be needed next month. But your message has been heard.
    You know how much you mean to me, your in my thoughts, prayers, and you certainly have my love and support.
    Continue to speak, we are all listening! Laurie

  11. It is true that so many go into debt over Christmas! Years ago we started to simplify things and it has been such a blessing. Very good words that you shared Laura! Have a sweet and very blessed Thanksgiving!

  12. A wonderful post Laura! It is so easy to go into debt at Christmas and you pay for it all year. Hubby and I have always tried to live within our means. I do recall when we were younger that the dollars did not always cover everything we owed. We would pay a little to all. Now we are able to always pay off anything we charge right after. I have very few cards. When I use my T.J. Maxx card I do it to get bonus points and then pay it right off. I realize not everyone is able to do this. Wise words to not beat yourself up. Just do the best you can and try to avoid opening more cards. Wishing you healing and a vey Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thank you Jann. Hope your week is fantastic! Things will get busier and busier for me until Christmas is over. I have dr. appts, tests, treatments, and maybe radiation. God bless you dear, enjoy the season.



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