Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Harvest Lane Cottage Winter Reading List ~ 2019

Good new year to you! I don't have any resolutions, but I am making some lists to help me focus. I find my bucket lists really help me do some things I want to do but may not make time for each season. Having it all here in front of y'all makes me feel like I have a wee bit of accountability.

Do I have time to sit around and read all the time? Absolutely not! Do I read more when I use snatched moments when I'm waiting for this or that? Absolutely! Use your moments even if you wish for hours.

Karen Andreola's new book, Mother Culture, is now available! I've received my copy and cannot wait to set aside a bit of time to begin reading it. I love Karen's books. Even if you don't homeschool, I have a feeling you will find suggestions that will make afternoons, evenings, and weekends more meaningful for you and your family. My children are all grown. My youngest is 17, but I look forward to reading this for what it can mean for me and my culture!

On Reading Well
Karen Swallow Prior
I cannot remember who recommended this to me. Perhaps I found it on Goodreads. It looks like a nice brainy book. ~grin~

Bible Faith Study Course
Kenneth E. Hagin
I've been working my way through this one for a long time, but I have learned so very much that helped me through my cancer battle. Each time I pick Bible Faith up, I tend to re-read notes and highlighted portions before I read more. It slows my 

30 Days to Understanding the Bible
Max Anders
30 Days to Understanding The Bible by Max Anders is my current review book. I've just read a little. They suggest just 15 minutes a day.

Miss Read
Tales from a Village School
My friend, Karen Andreola, suggested Miss Read's Tales from a Village School. I will borrow it from our local library through the inter-library loan system. You should check to see if your library participates. I've just discovered my library does it, and it's been super.

For the Family's Sake
Value of Home in Everyone's Life
Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
I've been slowly reading For the Family's Sake for awhile now.

The Light Between Oceans
M.L. Stedman
I'm trying out a new local book club. The Light Between Oceans is the January selection. Christy is the February Selection.

Catherine Marshall
I know that I either own this book or have given it away. It has been in my possession; therefore, I have chosen not to purchase it again for the book club. If I don't find it in time, I'll borrow it from the library.

Between Two Shores
Between Two Shores  is an historical fiction book that was offered to me just this morning for review. It should be released sometime in February.

The New Testament

I finished my Bible reading plan for 2018 just before the end of the year. It's time to start again. I don't expect to finish this winter. I'll just do what I can then move the remaining books to my Spring list. I use Bible.com to keep track of what I've read, and sometimes use BibleGateway.com to listen instead of read. I have not yet chosen which version to use this time.

1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy
2 Timothy
1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John
3 John

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  1. I usually keep a running list of books I'm reading (or plan to read) in my journal each year. After reading your post I'm reminded I need to get that list started. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. It's a great idea to put it in a journal Tajuana. I've been thinking about using a journal as a to-do/bullet list this year, but I haven't jumped in yet.
      Happy January!

  2. Great list! <3 Added some to my tbr. Thank you!

    Health and happy reading-
    With love, from Texas

    1. You're welcome Kellylynn, thank you for writing back to me. Which ones caught your attention? I hope to talk with you again soon.
      Be blessed,

  3. Ooh! I see several here that I want to add to my wishlist! I've got next month's sewing date on my calendar. I hope I can go!! Life is slowing down A LOT...but I've had to be intentional to make that happen. I miss you!

    1. ​Hi Sarah,
      I know what you mean about slowing down. I've worn myself out so much with everything that Christmastime entails and a trip to visit a friend in St. Louis, when I got home last night, I went to bed right after supper! I slept 10.5 hours! I need to put that date on the calendar and see if I can make it happen. I have done very little sewing since September. My knitting needles have been too busy!
      Hope to see you there! We'll be in touch.

  4. I love to read and need to set more time for it.

    1. Most of my reading is snatched here and there in odd moments.

  5. All of Miss Read's books are good. I especially love the Thrush Green series.

  6. I popped by for a visit and here I see my book Mother Culture. What a lovely surprise - and for it to be in the same post as Miss Read's "Tales from a Village School" - a place so calming and humorous - a place to go when faced with the stresses of life.

  7. You have a nice list of books Laura. I love books so I'm happy to be able to get them for free to review.

  8. I always love to see others reading lists. Miss Read's books are always good one. I need to get on a 'read-the-bible-in-a-year' plan. I am going to look at the site that you use. xo Diana

    1. My favorite through the whole Bible plan is the Canonical. It's all in order.
      Have a terrific week Diana!
      I'm going to share some of my knitting this coming week.


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