Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Ivy Malone ~ An Unlikely Heroine

I don't even know exactly what it is about Ivy Malone that I like so much. Maybe it's because, during my illness, I felt invisible, too sometimes. Ivy just seems so down-to-earth. She has a strong Christian faith. She really tries to do what's right. She also cares about people. I like all those things. Can she help it if she keeps running into trouble?

I borrowed In Plain Sight, by Lorena McCourtney, from the library; but, it would be worth buying. I've paid more to get into a movie for an hour and a half and not enjoyed it nearly so much as the time I spent reading this book. 
The first book in the series is called Invisible. 


  1. I have never read this author but just jotted this book down. I love getting a thumbs up on books from people I know. xo Diana

    1. I agree Diana, it's the best way in my opinion. It's a nice clean book without compromising situations or bad language. Well, other than murder that is!

  2. Thanks for the recommend! I like decent cozy mysteries so I looked this author up on our central Texas online lending library (which works through our local library's membership) and they had one by hers, so I'm giving a try on my Kindle. :-)

    I haven't been around much for quite awhile since life has been a bit more intense here since sometimes last year. I've had to set some things along the side lines for now and hope I can get back to them later. I was glad to check in on you again. Hope all is well! It's so good to see you plugging away still. God's grace be with you through this week. :-)

    1. I get the intense life thing Mary. Thanks for dropping by and greeting me. I hope you have a peaceful week. Keep your focus on the savior.

    2. Thanks for the reminder. :-) This week has been much better than last week so far, thank the Lord.

      I like the library book well enough to buy "Invisible" to see how I like it. Thanks. I appreciate the lack of "language" and vulgar innuendos.

    3. Hope you have a lovely reading weekend Mary!


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