Saturday, September 28, 2019

REVIEW: The Spice King by Elizabeth Camden HOPE AND GLORY #1

The Spice King by Elizabeth Camden
Releases: September 2019
Gray Delacroix has dedicated his life to building a successful global spice empire, but it has come at a cost. Tasked with gaining access to the private Delacroix plant collection, Smithsonian botanist Annabelle Larkin unwittingly steps into a web of dangerous political intrigue and will be forced to choose between her heart and her loyalty to her country.

My Thoughts:
This book began very slowly for me. I have to admit, if this wasn't a review book, I would have put it down. BUT... just a few chapters in, I'm glad I kept reading. This setting and plot of this book are different than the average romance book.

Post Civil War around the turn of the century, there's no food and drug administration yet. Those who sold bottled, tinned, or jarred goods could say anything they liked, use any ingredients they liked, and label it any way they liked. There was nothing to keep them honest or safe. Mr. Delacroix hates the dishonesty and dangerous practices of his major rival the McGruders, but he also hates the idea of government officials tramping through his own factories, intruding on his freedom, and judging his own practices.

Miss Larkin is employed by the Department of Agriculture. She's thrown into a very difficult situation with Delacroix. They are at odds but attracted to each other.

There is a pure food initiative that keeps throwing Mr. Delacroix and Miss Larkin together in spite of their differences.

Read this for fascinating information about the History of Spices.

I received this book from the publisher for review.

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  1. Oh how I hate to read a book that starts off slow, but I will sometimes keep going because they can be great books. This sounds interesting!


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