Thursday, May 25, 2023

Review: The Unexpected Light of Thomas Alva Edison Raymond Arroyo , Kristina Gehrmann (Illustrator)


Hello everyone! 

I'm here with another book review. This one is The Unexpected Light of Thomas Alva Edison. It was  written by Raymond Arroyo and illustrated by Kristina Gehrmann. I was aware of a bit of Thomas Edison's back story. I knew that he had failed in school and subsequently been homeschooled by his mother. Go homeschoolers! But, this book surprised me! You might say that it was unexpected!

I had no idea just how much trouble young Al got into and caused as a youngster. I didn't realize the friction it caused in his home and community and the damages he caused. 

This is a terrific book for parents and for kids. I think it's probably good for 2nd graders and up, but I wouldn't hesitate to read it to kindergartners or first graders. The cool thing is that it's good for older folks, too. Read to your children! Great kids' books are great for grown-ups, too!

The story is told chronologically and with plenty of detail to keep the reader and listener interested. The illustrations add a marvelous interpretation of the text to secure attention.

I highly recommend this book!

Five stars!

From Zonderkidz:

"Before Thomas Alva Edison became one of the world's greatest inventors, he was a smart, curious kid who loved to figure things out—just like you! But did you know that when he was seven years old, yougn "Al," as he was known then, was thrown out of school? His teacher claimed he couldn't be taught. In this groundbreaking Turnabout Tale, Raymond Arroyo captures the story of how a mother's love and dedication fired her son's imagination and turned Thomas Edison into one of the most unexpected, brightest, and innovative lights of our time." 

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  1. Did the book mention NikolaTesla? Legend has it Edison got some of his ideas from him.

    1. No Sandi, There wasn't that much detail about the inventing part. It was focused primarily on his growing up years. I've heard that about Tesla, too. I'll be over to visit your blog in just a bit. Hope you have a great week!


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