September is National Sewing Month.

It is Sewing Challenge Month at Harvest Lane Cottage.

I decided to keep a list of the things I do each day. It keeps me accountable. ~smile~ Read all about the challenge.

1    Mended stars shirt
2    Altered gray shirt
      Cut threads tan shorts
3    Mended shirt pocket
      Mended pockets in gray shorts
4    Mended pocket in 2nd pair gray shorts
5    Sewed a button on my dress
6    Finished a baby quilt* and worked on another
7    Finished two more baby quilts*
      Mended my son's work shirt
8    Mended my husband's hoody
9    Planned more baby quilts and possibly some bowl huggers
10  Sewed quilt blocks together for bowl huggers
      Sewed blocks together for baby quilt*
11  No sewing but lots of knitting. I was away from home all day and evening.
12  No sewing, but I knit, and I wrote off recipes for my daughter's birthday.

Alright. I need to have a reset! I got distracted in preparing for my daughter's birthday, an unexpected afternoon and evening away from home. I am usually stressed about things like this. I have chosen to give myself grace and keep going!

13  Repaired my husband's slacks pockets
      Sewed a small baby quilt top*
      Began sewing a second baby quilt top*
      Repaired a rice bag that had a hole in it.
14  Ironed several items for sewing, and sewed a couple baby quilt tops*
15  Sewed some squares together for yet another baby quilt top*
16  Basted shoulders on one of my tops
17  Hand sewed shoulder on my top
      Looked through fabric for pieces for a handbag
18  Pinteresting for ideas after knit night with friends
19  I forgot to write it down. I cannot remember!
20  Repaired yet another pair of shorts and a pair of undershorts.
21  Pinned and cut a skirt I'm making over from an old dress.
22  Pinned and cut out batting for bowl huggers and coasters.
23  Sewed and turned coasters. They're ready for pressing and sewing edges.
24  Finished coasters and sewed x's on bowl huggers.
25  Ironed seam for inserting elastic in my skirt.
      Cut 4 1/2" blocks for more quilts.     
26  I finished my made skirt refashion made from an old dress.     
27- 29  Worked on bowl huggers and bought thread and fabric needed to complete the little quilts.
30  Just went to church and relaxed with the family.

Did I sew every day? No.
Was the challenge a success? Yes.
I gave myself grace—something I've not done well before. I also just kept going back to it. Best of all, I am now in the habit of sewing and knitting, too. So I expect I'll keep the creativity going.  I'll share some photos soon.                                                                                                           

* These are little quilts for babies who are stillborn or die as small infants. A man at our church manages a local cemetery, and he gives these to parents to wrap their babies in.


  1. You are doing very well with your daily sewing challenge! I did some sewing, but not daily.

    1. Thank you Bless. I've missed a few days, but I just gave myself grace and picked up the pins and needles again!

  2. Oh Laura, don't be concerned about distractions! I am amazed at how much you are getting done. Every big project is made up of small steps put together. What a blessing your baby quilt ministry must be to grieving parents at a most difficult time!

    1. I am surprised how things are coming together even though I am not spending much time. I think my husband may tire of having the sewing machine in the dining room though!


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