Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frugal Depression Cooking... Dandelion Salad

With Spring around the corner, and my Amy bringing me the first little Dandelion flowers, I thought a new recipe would be in order.

I'd like to introduce you to Clara, a 94 year old lady, who lived through the Great Depression. She has made a series of videos on Depression cooking. I've viewed several on You Tube. I've always wondered about Dandelion greens. In this video, Clara will show you how to make a Dandelion Salad that looks delicious.

Give it a try. I'm going to just as soon as enough Dandelions show up!

Blessings of Frugality to you!

Blessed to be a Blessing


  1. I tried to make dandelion jelly once, but it took way more dandelions that my yard had! I love Clara, she's on my facebook page too!

  2. I love Clara! She's so much fun.


  3. I love it! What a sassy smart lady! My hat is off to her!

  4. My MIL made dandelion tea once. It gave her a lot of energy :)


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