Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Bit About Now


Lowell and Laura Lane

I thought you might like to know a bit about my life right now. 

My 16 yo daughter who keeps me running since she hasn't got a license yet, is in Nashville recording her first single. It's going to be available on iTunes. I'll send an announcement out when it's ready. 

I didn't have to run anywhere today! Yay! I got some extra knitting in. I'm going to have to start taking photos and sharing my knitting on the blog. A couple of my chemo nurses invited me to a knitting group. I finally went in January. I've make new friends and learned new things. I've made lots of hats to donate to the chemo center this fall. When I get my size 4 Chiao Goo circular knitting needles in the mail, I'm going to begin knitting the Reyna Shawl. It's a free pattern on Ravelry. If you want to be friends, my name is HarvestLaneLaura

My 20 yo daughter is living at home after staying with a friend part-time last fall. She's taking classes at the community college, and she's teaching private voice, piano, and guitar lessons at the local music company.

My 18 yo son moved out just a few weeks before the semester ended. He will be taking classes at the community college next fall. He works part-time in the field that he hopes to make a career in someday.

My oldest son is 27 and started a new job today.  He's been working outside for years. This position is indoors. I'm sure he will feel much better working in air conditioning.

My husband has been getting a new business off the ground as general manager in addition to his business consulting work.  It all keeps him very busy. 

Lots of changes.

I'm doing alright. Tired a lot from the treatments, but I'm not sick. Just two more. I'll be done July 18. Then it's just blood tests every six weeks and doctor appts every 3 months plus whatever else the doctor thinks I need. I'll have surgery again this fall. It's been a long haul, but God's taken good care of me.

You've all been wonderful to pray for me! I'm not done yet, but I can just see land far on the horizon!

God bless!


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Deb is Out of the Hospital - PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!


Y'all have been so good to pray for my friend Deborah. She went home today. She's still not feeling well and having some of the same troubles. The doctor thinks it may be something gastrointestinal. She will see a specialist next week. We both believe she will have complete healing. I just wish you could all know Deb. She's one of the most encouraging, full of life people I know.
Thank you again for praying. Her healing is coming! Thank you Jesus
Bless you all!



I saw Deborah last night. Her bleeding has stopped. She was still in pain from the heart cath, and is nauseated. She was not able to go home today. Although she is not bleeding, her symptoms are still there. She is having chest pains.  Please continue to pray. She is gaining strength. Deb is tired from the battle, but her faith is strong. God is yet good, and he's answering our prayers! Thank you everyone! I love knowing I can depend on you all.

Blessings to you all from our LORD and savior JESUS,
Laura Lane


Here's the original prayer request posted Tuesday the 11th.


My dear friend Deb went in to hospital with chest pains this weekend.

She had a heart cath today, and they put a stint in.
It's her third in the last couple of months.

UPDATE 6/11 as of about 9 pm:

Deb's ARTERY IS STILL BLEEDING after stint this am.

She is still nauseated and in pain.


I know you all can pray! You've prayed me through cancer!

Thank you all for praying!​​​ You are so faithful!​

Friday, June 8, 2018

Honor and Happily Ever After

This is our happily ever after. 
We didn't expect it to include cancer, 
but we didn't expect four children either! 

We've been married since 1986. 

Lowell has been faithful to me
in the
good times and the bad times.

He has taken care of me
through the years 
through this past year.

Lowell Lane
I love you,
I honor you 
honoring your
marriage vows to me.

I hope we will have
many more years
no matter what.