Thursday, November 23, 2023

An Autumn Dream

     Isn't this just dreamy?  I can just imagine the aroma of woodsmoke drifting on the air as Honey steps onto the front porch after a long day at the work...replaced, upon entering, by beef stew simmering on the stove and the house lit with fragrant cinnamon spice candles.  

     After dinner, he'd hear the familiar scritch scratch of my whisk on the bottom of our saucepan as I prepare homemade cocoa to enjoy with big fluffy marshmallows.  He'd settle into a comfortable chair by the fire and open his favorite read aloud -- Little House in the Big Woods.  Ah-- a girl can dream! 

     Some of those things can come true right where we are in our humble little cottage.  Just a little work here and there and I can make this a comfortable and welcoming place for my husband and children.  It's Autumn and time for some cleaning and feathering my nest.

     God bless you all!

Choosing Contentment

Picture credit:  Feathering Your Nest newsletter from Gooseberry Patch.

May I suggest?

Contentment, Thankfulness, Happily Ever After

It's definitely an out of style commodity these days.
You cannot find it in the stores on Black Friday.
It's not available online on Cyber Monday.

It is only available in one place—from one person.
Within yourself—from God.
It's available here and now.
It begins with being thankful.

Live today as though now is your happily ever after.
It is.

Happy Thanksgiving
from Harvest Lane Cottage,

Thankful to be alive
for my sixth Thanksgiving
since CHRIST conquered cancer in my body

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

 Happy Thanksgiving
United States friends!

To all my readers,
May you enjoy your day,
and count your blessings,
and thank Jesus for all He's done for you today.

We don't need to set aside a day for that.
We need to set aside a life for that.

He set aside His life for us
to reconcile us to God 
and to give us life abundantly.

Talk to Him,
ask Him to fill you more completely
with His love.

Accept Him as your Lord and savior.
Your life now and forever will be changed.

God bless you all!

Thankful for my Jesus,
my Holy Spirit,
my God,
my family,
my friends and readers,
my life eternal.