Friday, October 16, 2020

Weekend Reading ~ October 17


These are my family's favorite buttery chocolate chip cookies!
I have made them for over forty years! Yes, I began as a child!

Hey gals, grab a cookie or two and your favorite cuppa and enjoy some weekend reading!

Glue On Nails — Pros, Cons and Tips for Press on Nails by Rhonda @ If You Do Stuff, Stuff Gets Done

Want to Knit Some Mittens for Your Kittens for Christmas? by Laura @ Harvest Lane Cottage

My Fall Bucket List 2020 by Laura @ Harvest Lane Cottage

The Importance of Homemaking by Jenny @ Cottage on Blackberry Lane

How to Persevere in Difficult Times by Roxy @ Living From Glory to Glory

I do hope you have a wonderful weekend. I plan to carefully attend our town's Maple Leaf Festival. It's scaled back significantly this year of course. Usually we have thousands and thousands of people come to Carthage to enjoy it each year. Since the parade was cancelled, I think that it will primarily be a local celebration this year. 

God bless you all! Happy Fall!


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Stitching and Reading ~ October 14, 2020

Hello everyone! I hope that you're enjoying a lovely October. I've the day off today, so in addition to regular housework, I hope to spend some time with my knitting and my books. I work three days a week, and I try to either read or knit or both at lunch time each day, also. 

What's on my needles...

These are my crazy scrappy socks. I've either knitted with these yarns in the past, or a friend has given me her scraps. Thank you Jean!

These are a pair that I'm making for a gift. You're probably wondering about all the little markers. They are five rows apart so that I can just count them up and be sure I have an equal amount of stitches. This pair was started on two separate sets of needles. When I got to the cuff, I put them on the same needles.

What's on my reading pile...

Too many books to list! You can see my Goodreads list here. While you're there, let's be friends!

While I knit, I've been listening to On the Banks of Plum Creek by my childhood heroine, Laura Ingalls Wilder. Read here about why I now know that Ma Was the True Heroine.

I also have a book on my Kindle reader that I've been enjoying. It's a Christmas book, of course, since I start reading Christmas books in September. Yes, it's a review book, but I'm really enjoying it. It's An Ivy Hill Christmas by Julie Klassen. Yes, the book is just as good as that yummy cover. 

I've put links below to both books on Amazon. I'm an affiliate, and I appreciate you starting here when you do your Amazon shopping. There's also a link at the top of my sidebar. Every little bit helps. ~smile~ I also put a link for Scribd down below. I use it almost daily. I'm listening to On the Banks of Plum Creek on it right now. 

Blessings to all of you!
Remember... keep busy.
Focus on the positive. 

Have a homemade, handmade, heartmade thrifty week! 

P.S  I highly recommend using Scribd. You get unlimited ebooks and audio books plus other reading materials for just one low price. $8.99 a month. You don't have to pay per book. It's all included in the one price. It's the best money I've spent this year!

If you use my link, you'll get a 2 month free trial of Scribd, and I will get a free month as well. I'm not an affiliate, it's just a neat perk that they have for their subscribers who tell their friends. I've earned 180 free days just sharing how much I love their service! You can too.

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Monday, October 12, 2020

My Fall Bucket List 2020

Harvest Lane Cottage
 Fall Bucket List

Happy Fall Y'all!

It's my very most favoritest time of year! I love the chill in the air in the evenings. We still have some very warm days, but cooler weather is coming. The maples witness to it with their blazing gold, orange, and crimson leaves fluttering in the breeze. The little squirrels in the neighborhood have been scampering around no doubt in search of every acorn they can find from the lovely oaks. 

As I complete each item on the list, I shall change it to italics so that you can still read it.
  • Make my fall bucket list
  • Make my fall reading list
  • Make Christmas book reading list
  • Get updated addresses for my Christmas card list
  • Make apple crisp
  • Enjoy a candle lit evening
  • Enjoy candy pumpkins
  • Make apple butter 
  • Make friendship tea
  • Knit wool socks for my husband  
  • Roast marshmallows around the fire 
  • Curl up with a terrific book 
  • Knit a hat for charity 
  • Read a wonderful Christmas book
  • Take a drive to look at fall foliage 
  • Eat pumpkin pie
  • Sip hot apple cider
  • Finish Emily's quilt
  • Knit another hat
  • Drink eggnog
  • Worship God under the stars
  • Eat chili
  • Maple Leaf Festival
  • Finish reading the New Testament 
  • Try a new soup 
  • Make pumpkin shaped cut out cookies
  • Invite friends for chili
  • Invite friends for pie
  • Invite a neighbor for tea
  • Collect leaves and seed pods to decorate
  • Take a walk and enjoy the maple leaves
  • Make homemade cocoa
  • Bake a sweet quick bread 
  • Bake cookies
  • Make a Christmas gift
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Read more Christmas books
  • Listen to Christmas music
  • Burn cinnamony, pumpkiny, spicy fall candles
  • Eat Queen's Apples (cut up apples with caramel and pecans)
  • Read by candlelight and lamplight
  • Read Farmer Boy
  • Bonfire or fire in our fire pit
  • Read On the Banks of Plum Creek
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with family at home
  • Decorate our Christmas tree on the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving
Alright, now you know some of the things I hope to do over the next month and a half of fall. What's on your list? 

Plan for relaxation, plan for fun, plan for sanity!
Enjoy and look for the sparkles of joy and keep positive and optimistic!

Loving this season