Thursday, December 3, 2020

25 Things I LOVE About My Husband

Lowell Lane
My Life Long Love

Things I love about my husband:

He was my first  and only love. 
He is a godly man.
He encourages me to do the things I enjoy doing.
He has stayed faithful to me since 1981 when he asked me to go steady.
He gave me the privilege of staying home and teaching our four children for 25 years. 

He is trustworthy.
He is a giver.
He cares for others.
He has a servant's heart.
He works hard for our family.

He protects me.
He is fully committed to me.
He is optomistic even when I'm not.
He puts gas in the car so that I don't have to.
He always takes care of the lawn for me.

He takes out the trash for me.
He helps the kids with their FAFSA applications.
He does our taxes and our kids', too. 
He tells me I'm beautiful. 

He loves me even when I'm unloveable.
He works even when he doesn't feel like it. 
He figures out hard stuff that I don't understand. 
He has taken care of me through a dozen or more surgeries.
He's my endless love.

I love my husband, Lowell, for these reasons and so many others.

Lifelong love is truly a gift from God to cherish and nurture. 
Ladies, start today to list things you love about your husband.
What is on your list?


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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Ottoman Dominion ~ Empires of Armageddon #3 by Terry Brennan

Ottoman Dominion is the third book in the Empires of Armageddon Series by Terri Brennan. This series is well worth the time it takes to read it. I must admit, especially at the beginning of the first book, I had a lot of trouble following all of the action. I kept reading because I felt compelled to read!

I am not very familiar with the Middle East and the politics of it. Nor am I familiar with the history of the Middle East beyond what I've read in the Bible. I do know a little bit about the Muslim faith and its origins, but not enough to really open this up to me. Fortunately, Mr. Brennan realizes that most of us are not experts in this type of thing. He does a wonderful job of explaining the political culture, the social structure, and the religious culture of the area.

When Abraham messed up with Ishmael and Isaac, he really messed up. So much goes back to the ancient empires and ancient rivalries of the people groups.

I cannot tell you how many times I was reading this action-packed series and finding myself thinking that it would make an amazing action thriller. I know my husband would love it if he saw it in a movie or a series of movies. For my husband though, to sit down and read it, not so much.

I do think this is an excellent book series for men especially if they are interested in international intrigue or end times prophecies. Women can enjoy it as well, but for me, it was more violent than I would like to read. But still I couldn't stop reading. And I had to order the next with each time it came available. I just had to know what was going to happen next. I think that if things happened as quickly in real life as they did in these books, it would be impossible for the average human to make it through. It would just be too much.

I highly recommend this book. 

Previous books in series:

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About the Book

"James Rollins meets Joel Rosenberg in Terry Brennan."
~ Jeannette Windle, award-winning author of Veiled Freedom

Diplomatic Security Service agent Brian Mullaney wants out. He's been drawn against his will into a dangerous international mission with world-ending implications--and his final assignment is going to pit him directly against the terrifying, evil entity known only as the Turk.

But when the Turk's minions breach the US embassy in Israel and the American ambassador disappears, Mullaney has no choice. He must accept his role as the final guardian of a mysterious box, his only weapon against the powers of darkness bent on preventing the second coming of the Messiah, no matter who or what they annihilate to accomplish their goal. Can this man who's already lost so much find the strength and faith to save the world--and fulfill the prophecy of peace?

The final volume of the Empires of Armageddon trilogy will have fans of Joel Rosenberg, Ronie Kendig, and Frank Peretti on the edge of their seats up to the final page.

Read an excerpt!
Brian Mullaney’s world lurched sideways. The floors and walls of the fortress-like United States Embassy in Tel Aviv undulated like a drunken jellyfish. What looked, felt, and sounded like an earthquake had Mullaney’s internal threat monitors off the charts. Again.

In the last seventy-two hours, Brian Mullaney’s world had raced like an avalanche from the rational to the inexplicable. And through each of those hours, a rising tide of violence had haunted Mullaney’s every move—a pervading and relentless carnage that had claimed six American lives, including that of his best friend.

Now to his right, an eight-foot-tall armed angel hovered above the convulsing floor, and to his left, a terrified, bearded rabbi sat flat on the seat of his pants. But after what Mullaney had experienced the last few days, nothing came as a shock.

The angel, Bayard, pulled an immense, gleaming silver sword from the scabbard at his waist. The sword was suffused with light and thrummed like a chorus of heavenly voices; a stiletto sharpness was honed to its edge.

His wings flexing behind his heavily muscled frame, Bayard was prepared to go to war.

“We must hurry,” he said, looking toward where the door to Mullaney’s office had once stood. “Our enemies are here. They are pursuing the box of power.”

It felt as if every molecule in the building had a mind of its own and each was heading off in different directions. Mullaney’s office was twisted like a wet rag being wrung out . . . the corners of the room appeared to be melting . . . and the wall opposite was ripped apart.

Regional Security Officer for the Diplomatic Security Service, responsible for the security of all United States diplomatic personnel in the Middle East, Mullaney’s six-two frame was still lean and muscled at forty-four. A nineteen-year veteran of DSS, he instinctively placed a hand over his ear bud and turned slightly to the mic in his lapel to give orders to his DSS agents and the marines guarding the embassy. “Lock down the building . . . mobilize all security . . . double the guard at each entry point and do a floor-by-floor, face-to-face accounting of all staff. Stay alert!”

Mullaney stumbled around his desk and grabbed the elderly rabbi, Mordechai Herzog, by the arm. “C’mon . . . you’re getting under the desk.”

“I don’t know if these old bones can squeeze in there,” said Herzog, the former chief rabbi of Israel’s Rabbinate Council, his eyes darting back and forth, watching the moving walls.

Mullaney pulled Herzog to his feet and emphatically moved him toward the desk.

From across the room, the armor-clad angel called through the groans of a building in torment. “Guardian . . . follow me when you can!” The air seemed to be shifting back and forth as much as the walls as Bayard’s form evolved from solid to amorphous to vapor. And he was gone.

Guardian. That was a new title Mullaney needed to absorb. Passed down through generations of rabbis for over two hundred years, the guardian’s responsibility was to protect and defend both the prophecy of the Vilna Gaon and the lethal box of power that contained it. Only minutes earlier, Rabbi Herzog had spoken the Aaronic blessing over Mullaney, transferring the mantle of guardian to the DSS agent.

Mullaney hadn’t fully grasped why he was ordained as the final guardian—Bayard had called him the last in the line of the Gaon’s appointed heirs. But after Bayard’s warning, he fully suspected that this earthquake was being used by the gang of Turkish terrorists who had relentlessly pursued the box from Istanbul, where it was brought out of hiding only seven days ago. Only the guardian, under the power of the anointing, could touch the box of power without incurring a horrible and instantaneous death. But Mullaney had no doubt that those same murderous thugs were now invading the embassy in order to raid the vault where the Gaon’s bronze box was currently secured.

Rabbi Mordechai Herzog was sprawled on the floor under Mullaney’s desk, desperately clinging to its legs, as the building continued to convulse in chaotic jolts.

“Follow him?” Mullaney squeezed out of his chest. “How can I follow him?”

Another violent eruption throttled the embassy and a cascade of concrete crashed into the middle of the floor, missing Herzog and Mullaney by inches.

He looked at Herzog, who was sitting on the floor under the desk, his frail legs pulled up underneath his body. “Stay here. You’re safe.”

“Where am I going? I can’t get up.”

“I’ll send help.”
About the Author
Terry Brennan is the award-winning author of The Sacred Cipher, The Brotherhood Conspiracy, and The Alepp Code, the three books in The Jerusalem Prophecies series. His latest series is the Empires of Armageddon which includes Ishmael CovenantPersian Betrayal and Ottoman Dominion.

A Pulitzer Prize is one of the many awards Terry Brennan accumulated during his 22-year newspaper career. The Pottstown (PA) Mercury won a Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing for a two-year series of editorials published while Brennan was the newspaper’s Editor.

Starting out as a sportswriter in Philadelphia, Brennan became an Editor and Publisher for newspapers in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New York and in 1988 moved to the corporate staff of Ingersoll Publications (400 newspapers in the U.S., Ireland and England) as Executive Editor of all U.S. newspaper titles.

In 1996, Brennan transitioned into the nonprofit sector, spending 12 years as VP Operations for The Bowery Mission and six years as Chief Administrative Officer for Care for the Homeless, NYC nonprofits that serve homeless people.

Terry and his wife, Andrea, live in Danbury, CT.

More on Brennan can be found at

Facebook (Terry Brennan)
Twitter (@terrbrennan1)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

REVIEW: God Loves You Little Peanut

No, I don't have any little peanuts right now. My children have all grown into young adults, but no spouses or grandbabies on the horizon...yet. Still praying about all that. But, I still love books for little children. Even if I don't have littles of my own, there are always littles to give books to and always babies to shower with blessings.

This is one of my favorite books for children that I have seen in a very long time. I love the style of the illustrations, the vibrant colors, and the depth of love of God that is portrayed from parent or grandparent to child through the sweet encouraging text.

Little animals are the characters in the book, but it's not done in a strange or odd way. They were fluffy little creatures that seemed more like teddy bear or plush style animals.

I did read  to my little girl who is 19. She liked it just as much as I did. We oohed and awed over the illustrations.

I highly recommend this book. You'll read it again and again to your little peanuts. 

God Loves You, Little Peanut is a heartwarming premium picture book about the deep bond between a parent, grandparent, or any loved one and their little one. From playtime to bedtime, silly time to cuddle time—the sweet rhymes and adorable illustrations show many different wonderful moments shared with a child, reminding boys and girls how special they are and how much they are loved.

Little Peanut there’s so much to know.
At night we’ll share stories or maybe tall tales
of giants and lizards and huge talking whales.

God Loves You, Little Peanut:

  • Is perfect for fans of authors like Nancy Tillman (On the Night You Were Born) and Sam McBratney (Guess How Much I Love You)
  • Makes a wonderful gift for Father’s Day, a new baby, baptism, birthday, or any occasion to show your child or grandchild they will always be your little peanut
  • Is a premium picture book featuring a cuddly and engaging cover and adorable animals throughout
Isbn:  9780310768883

Disclosure: I was sent a sample of this product for review purposes only. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own based on my experience with this product. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."