Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Who I Am to You is Who I Am All the Time

Hello, I am Laura Lane. I am a big city girl gone small town. I am married to my high school sweetheart, and we recently celebrated 35 years of marriage.

I am a Christian. I am a breast cancer survivor. I have known pain, fear, lack, and loss. BUT GOD. I write about faith, family, thrifty living, books, sewing, knitting, and sometimes homeschooling. I specialize in using it up, wearing it out, making it do, or being content without.

I am a woman of faith in a BIG GOD who has taken amazing care of me and my family through very hard times...many times. I delight in encouraging people, sharing my faith, and trying to splash the love of Jesus and smiles on everyone.

I've been writing this blog since 2007. I have been reviewing books for over ten years, though I don't remember when I began. I have also reviewed homeschool curriculum which I used with my four children (now grown) and various products.

I love Jesus, my family, small town life, and writing.

Won't you write back by comment, by email at laura@harvestlanecottage.com or by snail mail? I'd love to know more about you, what you like and don't, and how I can help you with this blog.



  1. We love everything about you! Glad you are who you are.

  2. Hi Laura. I always enjoy our blog. I have also been blogging since 2007. So glad you are recovering after your surgery. See you again soon.

    1. Thank you Deb for writing to me. It seems like a long time ago that we started. It's definitely a different season of life now! Thanks for sticking with me through the years. Be blessed friend!Laura

  3. You are a precious friend to me Laura! How wonderful to see your beautiful smiling face... I have followed you through the years, through many difficult moments, and indeed, yes, the LORD has always been so faithful! You always write such encouraging and helpful posts, many blessings to you dear friend!

    1. Dear Marilyn, I do appreciate you sticking with me through the years. You've been uplifting in your letters and cards, your prayers, your photos, and your blog posts. Thank you very much for being my long-distance friend! Laura

  4. Hi Laura, It's always good to learn more about you :) I didn't know you used to be a big city girl !! :) I also lived in a larger city in NZ with my family for 7 years in the 1990's. Now we live in a very small town (pop. 2000) and we love it. We've lived here for 14 years now and are empty nesters. I also strive to live a simple life...even though running a small soap business from home isn't always simple. I like gardening, but don't do as much of it as I did years ago. I love preserving food. I like to sew, but don't get much time for it. I love love reading and always make time for that. I am a grandmother to 8 :) and another little blessing is on the way - praise the Lord. I have been married to my love for 36 years, most of them good. We married very young and god has had quite a lot of kinks to work out in both of us. We have known good times and not so good times...times of want and times of plenty. I became a Christian in 1984. My walk with the Lord has been bumpy at times, but for the last 10 years on more of an even keel and slowly climbing heavenward :) I do give God all the glory for my marriage/life etc being what it is. It is only by His grace that I am who I am today. I praise Him for His eternal love, mercy and patience. He is truly a good good Father. I found surrounding myself with ladies of a like mind in the blogging community really helped me in my faith and confirmed to me that I was on the right track. You are one of those ladies. I feel blessed to call you a friend. Blessings to you ~ Linda

    1. Linda dear, You've blessed me so much. I'm so glad you're in my life no matter how distantly. And how much more distant could it be? ~smile~ Thank you for sharing some of your story with me. Sending you a very big hug! Your friend across waters and land, Laura 

  5. Dear Teri, What a wonderful life you are living! May God give you many more years with your husband. We still have two of our four children at home. Both our girls, 23 and 19, are here while they're continuing their education. None of the four are married yet, so no grandchildren. Someday I hope! Blessings,  Laura

  6. Dear Mrs Laura Lane,
    I am so inspired by the life you are living. Today I went through some of your blog notes and the introduction of you. May our loving God Almighty Bless you. I am a believer of Jesus, living in Sri lanka with my wife and two grown up children. May God Bless your ministry of these Blogs.


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