Friday, February 12, 2016

6 Keys to Defeat Despair

A friend recently asked me what advice I would give to those living in despair. Here is what I told her.

Trust God. He will never leave you nor forsake you. You are not alone.  I have been through very hard times... death of loved ones, failed businesses, lost homes, lost vehicles, long periods of unemployment, life threatening illnesses, pain, depression, very low income. Now my husband is unemployed again after closing our business. Even though I have failed, my husband has failed, plans have failed, God has never failed me

Live in Philippians chapter four.  God does not slumber or sleep. His arm is not too short. He keeps those in perfect peace who keep their minds on Him. Philippians chapter four tells us to be anxious for NOthing. In everything we are to pray, with thanksgiving, and make our requests to God. We have to trust Him. He then will give us peace that passes all understanding. I've got that peace right now even though my husband is unemployed, we have no income, and we are living on our limited savings. I have a peace that somehow, someway, God will take care of us. I am trusting God to bring my husband a good job.

Fill your mind with the Word of God. Saturate yourself with the Bible. Read it, listen to it, speak it, write it and put it where you can see it. has plans for reading through the Bible. I've read and listened through the Bible several times since I started using it.

Don't isolate. When I feel down, I tend to draw back and isolate. Don't do it. Talk to others. Be involved in church. Call a friend. Spend time with family. Keep talking to God.

Find a trusted Christian friend and talk. Make sure that it is someone who will always point you back to Jesus and pray with you.

Read uplifting and encouraging blogs and books and most of all your Bible.

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  1. A wonderful post Laura.
    Praying for you all.

  2. Psalm 37:25
    I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

    Good morning Laura,

    Philippians chapter 4 is very encouraging.How precious that we can trust in God to provide for us. I will be praying for you and your husband for employment.


  3. Thank you so much, Annie.
    He's got a couple of leads.

  4. Such beautiful advice.
    Comforting, my friend. : )

  5. I'm trusting God Hope. Be blessed. Thanks so much for taking time to write to me.

  6. Hi Laura, greetings from our farm on the cold prairie today. We have animals tucked in and are keeping the woodburner going. I read your latest post and shook my head in agreement with you. Is there anything in particular that you and your family are in dire need of? My three grown children are all down with various ailments at the moment and it is hard for this mom not to make it all better for them. Our oldest child, son John, found out he has pneumonia yesterday. Our middle daughter, Laura, is really sick with sinus infection and has two children of her own to tend for. Our oldest daughter, LIz, is in Florida and got Salmonella food poisoning and has been really ill too. At times like these, we worry and hope for healing for everyone. Keep on keeping on....I enjoy your blog. Trudy Neill from Windermere Farm, Shelbyville, In.

  7. I agree with trusting in the Lord, and I do. But I also believe God helps those who help themselves. And, for those with chronic depression of a medical nature (as I have), I can not overstate the value of seeking medical help. It will take time but things will be brighter. But always, know that God carries you through your toughest times. That is when there are only His footsteps in the sand tracing your walk through life together.

  8. Dear Trudy,
    In response to your comment on Harvest Lane Cottage about "6 Keys to Defeat Despair"....

    Right now, though money's extremely tight, our needs are met. We are praying that God provides a good job for my husband soon. We've been so blessed with gifts from near and far from people who've helped us. Thank you Jesus!

    I'm very concerned about your family. I'm sure you are, too. I'd like to pray for them.

    Father God, I thank you for your love for Trudy's children. I thank you that your son took stripes upon his back for our healing. I ask for a complete healing from head to toe for each of these sick ones.

    Father, for John. You are the breath in our lungs, I pray God that you will clear all the mucus and yuck from his lungs, fill him with your pure air and the breath of life. Strengthen his lungs and his body to fight off this infection. I ask it in Jesus' Name.

    Father, for Laura, I pray for the infection in her sinuses to be eradicated. I pray that the excess mucus will be gone. I pray that pain will be gone. I pray that you will heal her at the very root of this infection so that she can live and breath well and care for her babies. I ask it in Jesus' Name.

    Father, for Liz, I ask that this salmonella poison will quickly leave her body and just be completely gone, that she will have no long term effects, that her body will regulate itself properly by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Healing flow through her body right now. Sickness be gone! Never return! I ask all in the Name of Jesus Christ by the power of His mighty blood.


    Be blessed Trudy, trust!

  9. Laura, I'm praying for a good, steady income for your family. Have you ever considered home schooling other people's children and charging for it? Or, could you have an in-home day care? You would be a wonderful blessing to other people's children, too. Tutoring is a great way to earn extra income. I did this for 17 years and it was a way to really help children who are struggling academically. I started with one child at my kitchen table, helping them with homework, and re-teaching subjects they were doing poorly on in school. Then, I built up to tutoring five children per hour! I would tutor separate groups three days a week. The children loved it and their grades and learning soared! Praise the Lord! I know the Lord has a way for your family to earn money and it will be a blessing to you and to others. You have such a sweet spirit. Laura, may I ask you to pray for me? My husband and I are retired now and we live in the mountains of North Carolina with few Dr.'s. I have an appointment with a cardiologist, 60 miles from here in a larger city, for heart symptoms, but the soonest he could see me is a month from now! I've been to the E.R. & it's not life threatening, but I do need to see a cardiologist. Please pray and ask the Lord to heal my heart of its rapid beating, jumping, etc. We're also praying about moving closer to medical care. It's scary living so far from specialists when we need one. Thank you so much, and God bless you and your family, Bev

  10. What encouraging words, and just what I needed. Your blog is one of the ones I head to for encouragement when I need it.
    My prayers are with you and hubby for finding a job soon, one that suits him perfectly and he will enjoy. Blessings to you all.

  11. SUPER rich and wonderful advice. I love this. I am going to favorite this on my bookmark collection.

  12. Laura,
    SO well said, With God ,all things are possible. His promise to never leave nor forsake us, is so comforting, each and every day.
    I am praying for you and your family, also praying for your husband and his search for a job. Know this is so hard for him..
    Sending a big ole hug and prayers. Judy

  13. Wonderful advice, Laura! I know God is going to see you through these tough times. He is a faithful God, and He is teaching us through the things He is permitting you to go through. Thank you for sharing the lessons and your heart with us here. :) You are a blessing!

  14. You're so sweet Cheryl. If someone else finds her trial a bit easier because of what I've written, I will be very happy about it.

  15. Dear Judy,
    It's such a comfort and encouragement to know that so many folks are praying for us. I know that God has an assignment for him. He is hoping for a position in which he can be free to minister to people, too.

    Knowing people care makes it so much easier. It seems a day doesn't pass without someone encouraging us.

    Here's a HUG for you, too!

  16. Jayne, thanks so much for your encouraging words.
    Bev, thanks so much for your thoughts and ideas.
    Thank you everyone for your prayers!

  17. Thanks for the advice, Laura. Very encouraging.

  18. I love Philippians 4! What a great place to LIVE!
    Wonderfully practical post today!
    Found you on Raising Homemakers.
    Hope you have a blessed day~

  19. These are all good points. I think it's important to not isolate yourself.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  20. That's right, Art and Sand. It's always an early indicator of a problem.
    Thanks for talking back!

    Blessings to you from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

    Laura Lane

  21. Laura, this is wonderful advice! We cannot always choose the emotions that come to us, but we CAN choose what we do with them. And pointing ourselves to the word of God and other like minded believers is the best way to encourage our hearts indeed. Praying for the Lord to continue to bless and encourage your heart for Him, and all that you are doing for His kingdom! :)


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