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Cabrini Review

Cabrini was a film like I have never viewed before. Perhaps a better word is experienced. This was a masterful, historical narrative of the life of Francesca Cabrini. Cabrini was an exceptional woman who did things no man even thought of doing. It is explicit in the portayal of Italian immigrants' lives in the slums of New York at the end of the 19th century. 

The scenes of filth, violence, hopelessness, deprivation, derision, and hatred that the Italian immigrants (and I'm sure many other immigrants) endured in this place and time were beyond any that I could have imagined. It was a truly disturbing film to watch— especially the scenes with the orphans and how they survived.

Cabrini saw all of this, but she had something that others did not. Raw determination and hope that she could make a difference. This is an important story that tells an important part of our history, not just of New York, but as the melting pot of the world.

I highly encourage adults to watch this film. It is not for children. It made me think a lot about immigration now. There are problems beyond what we see at the surface.

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Synopsis: From Alejandro Monteverde, award-winning director of *Sound of Freedom comes the powerful epic of Francesca Cabrini, an Italian immigrant who arrives in New York City in 1889 and is greeted by disease, crime, and impoverished children. Cabrini sets off on a daring mission to convince the hostile mayor to secure housing and healthcare for society's most vulnerable. With broken English and poor health, Cabrini uses her entrepreneurial mind to build an empire of hope unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Over the course of 34 years Cabrini established an astonishing 67 hospitals, orphanages, and schools. Her energy was fueled by an intense focus on serving Jesus in whatever he asked of her and her legacy still stands today.

Cabrini was canonized in 1946 by Pope Pius XII and became the first American citizen to be named a saint. Four years later she was given the title of Patroness of Immigrants.

Cabrini is the first biopic about the Patron Saint of Immigrants.


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* From the director, producers and writers of Sound of Freedom, the 16th highest grossing independent film of all time. Sound of Freedom came in #10 in the US box office and made over $240 million worldwide.

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  1. She sure sounds like an amazing woman who worked as unto the Lord.

  2. I really want to see this movie!


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