Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fall is...


I love Autumn. It has long been my favorite time of year. We live in Carthage, the Maple Leaf City.

Fall means the Maple Leaf Festival and the biggest parade in the four states.

Fall means pumpkins! A few years ago, my husband and I lived in the country and had a pumpkin patch. I loved everything about it. I loved seeing the baby pumpkins as they formed and grew. I loved harvesting them. I loved selling them and the craft items I'd made. The name Harvest Lane came from our farm, Harvest Lane Farm. I'd been Laura of Harvest Lane on-line for awhile; so, when we moved to town, we called our home Harvest Lane Cottage.

Fall is apple cider with mulling spices, chai tea, cocoa, missing our wood stove, soup simmering on the stove, bread baking in the oven, the smells of pumpkin and cinnamon coming from my oven or my favorite candles.

Fall is snuggling up with a good book while I listen to the rain falling outside, thankful that my children are gathered around me.

Fall means walks with my children, looking for pretty leaves.

Fall means school in the park. We love setting up on a picnic table, enjoying the weather, and then playing when we're done, or during "recess".

Fall means planning for Christmas gifts, sneaking in a little Christmas music while I'm working, and creating for for friends and family.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Looking forward to my favorite season.

May I suggest?

Welcome Fall Linky


  1. I agree with you on how the autumn season feels to you. I love the cooler weather, colors, and the snug warm feelings that you get in the house, candles burning, and the great smells coming from soup on the stove, baking bread and cookies, hot tea and scones. However, this feeling is so short lived, because then comes the snow, sleet, rain, ice and miserable winter weather! Also, it is inevitable that we are more succeptible to viruses and illness during the winter months, and I for one, feel less energetic, during this time. I love the changing seasons, but if winter would be only the month of December, I would be so much happier! Anyway, sorry for being so long winded. I liked your blog entry very much. It exemlifies everything that Autumn is here in Michigan. ginny

  2. Ah Ginny,
    I vaguely remember winter in Michigan. I lived there for a couple of years when I was small. What I remember is vivid crisp Autumns and Winters that seemed to last forever. As a young child, though, I loved the snow and ice. I'm sure my momma didn't feel the same way!

    Just enjoy Autumn while you can!


  3. This is great--I now smell fall in the air because of all the great things you've mentioned!

    Many blessings...


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