Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How to Read a Blog from the Very First Post

Hello dear readers,

     Several months ago I decided to read my blog from the very first post back in December of 2007 up to the present.  I've been a bit hit or miss since I've felt poorly sometimes. I finally caught up this week. Have you ever read a blog from the beginning up to the present? If you have your own, I highly recommend it. It is also a great way to glean wisdom and get to know other bloggers. 


How to Read a Blog from the Very First Post

     If you'd like to read (or skim) my blog, Harvest Lane Cottage, from the beginning, here's my very first post: A Cozy Christ Centered Christmas.

     After reading the post, just click on Newer Post. Read and repeat. After you've read as many posts as you'd like, simply bookmark the next page, and pick up from there next time you'd like to read. I put mine in the bookmarks at the top of my page. 

     I've read Mrs. White's blog, The Legacy of Home  and Aunt Ruthie's blog, Sugar Pie Farmhouse from the beginning. 

     I'm currently reading Karen Andreola's blog, Moments With Mother Culture from the first post to the present.  I am also reading Roxy Jones' blog, Living from Glory to Glory

      I highly recommend this practice though it takes time and patience. ~smile~

     Just a note, I'm feeling a bit better each day. I should be back to writing in another week or two. I don't want to put any pressure on myself. Thanks for being so patient with me!

     Be blessed in Jesus' Name!
     Happy at Home
     Trusting for Complete Healing

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Why You've Not Heard From Me

My Amy and Me

Hi everyone,
 I wanted to tell you why I've not been writing. As you may know, I finished radiation on March 2nd. What I did not expect is that my skin would continue to burn and get worse for a week or more, and I would be hit with fatigue.
 I'm now two weeks past radiation, and I am now feeling a bit better each day. The intensity of pain and burning has lessened a lot. I thank you all who have been praying for me.
 I hope to get back to writing in another week or so. I just haven't had the energy to write. I've rested a lot between the must dos of life.
 God bless you all! Don't give up on my blog. I'll be back!
Resting and Recovering

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Mayflower Bride is Currently Free!

Good morning... or afternoon... or evening!
A few weeks ago, I reviewed Mayflower Bride. Vickie, of Vickie's Kitchen and Garden, announced this morning that The Mayflower Bride is currently a free book on Amazon. Now that's thrifty!

If you're a Kindle reader, take a look at my review, then go "buy" it while it's free. Double check the price, Amazon changes prices frequently. Here's Vickie's referral link to the book.

Thank you Vickie for sharing free books with us every day!
Y'all go and check out Vickie's blog. She's listed other free books that are available, too.

Have a terrific early Spring or Fall day!
Yes, I've got several Down Under readers, and they're entering my favorite time of year, Fall!

Trusting in the Lord