Friday, July 1, 2011

Drip Drip Drip Boom!

A memorable account of July 4, 2009.

We spent the evening out in the country with friends at Charlie’s Big Red Barn. It was open on both ends; and, the breeze was so nice that it stayed cool. We had a cookout with lots of friends then headed out to the Municipal park. We sat in our usual place at the edge of the golf course. We had all of our friends, Lowell’s mother, and all of our little family. The kids played as we were waiting for the sun to set. I told the kids that I wanted them to come on up the hill and sit with us near the van when it got dark. Well it got dark alright. Just moments before the display began, drip-drip. Yes, it was sprinkling. Well, that’s okay, we thought. We’ll get a little damp. The display was gorgeous. This year they had a new kind of firework that had little white swirly sparkles interspersed with small bursts of purple. I just loved them. That’s just about the time that our drips became drops and then, suddenly, a downpour! Boy everyone started to scramble for their cars! We were close; so, we got in and watched most of the rest of the display from the car. It did slow to a sprinkle near the end. So, we got out and watched the finale.

We came home soggy but happy. I have a feeling that this is an Independence Day that we won’t forget!

I hope this year is fabulous for you as we remember the sacrifices of our founding fathers and those who have fought to keep this country free.

God bless the USA.


  1. Glad you all had a good time, you'll dry! lol

  2. Sounds like fun... rain or not..
    Have a blessed weekend..

  3. Mom, I remember this...but as small memories, not a complete one. You have peiced them together for me, thank you. Also, some of them, like going to Charlie's, I didn't even know we had done at the same time. We went more than once, but I think that time (2009) we had bbq chicken and some other stuff. I think that may have been the time that they had the big table of food (probably several tables put together) with a patriotic table cloth. I don't remember it clearly enough, but maybe that was it. Unless that was one of the fish frys.
    Memories. They can be hard to get right, especially when you are littler like I was. Thanks, Mom, for posting this.


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